3 Types of Dashboards Executives Need Today

3 Types of Dashboards that Executives Need Now

In this blog, we will be doing a quick review of the benefits associated with each of the 3 types of dashboards to determine which is right for your business. The common dashboards are operational, strategic, and tactical. To learn the basics of dashboards, refer to our previous blog detailing the properties of dashboards in Power BI.

Operational Dashboards

An operational dashboard is a tool that is used to monitor business processes that fluctuate constantly and the current performance metrics vital to your business. These dashboards often update on a minute to minute basis providing the most accurate and up to date information. Operational dashboards frequently used to monitor a company’s progress towards a specific metric or goal, usually a specific department or branch.

  • Azure Monitor tracks the usage and capacity of Azure applications
  • IndustrySafe provides up to date safety metrics to prevent workplace accidents

Strategic Dashboards

A strategic dashboard is typically used by high ranking individuals within a company to track vital metrics to a company’s bottom line otherwise known as KPIs or key performance indicators. However, these dashboards are updated less often as they provide business-wide metrics to track progress towards long term goals.

  • Zoho CRM has strategic dashboards that track sales and marketing metrics to ensure future goals are tracked and met

Tactical Dashboards

Tactical dashboards also known as analytical dashboards, are the last of the types of dashboards and are the best for decision making as they tend to be the most analytical.  They  are primarily used to identify trends or ratios both inside and outside a business. They are helpful for tracking goals and new programs, often useful for predicting how a new initiative affects the KPIs of a company.

  • Airtable uses the dashboard below to manage projects with efficiency
  • Google Analytics one of the most popular dashboards ever allowing business owners to track their online growth

In this guide, we have identified the roles of each types of dashboard and their common uses.  If you are looking for dashboards to improve your business, we leverage Microsoft Power BI.  We hope you can use this guide to further your business with analytics.  To learn more about dashboards stay tuned for our future guides or go to our website at https://www.cdoadvisors.com/.


Operations Dashboard
Strategic Dashboard
Tactical Dashboard Example

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Sample Microsoft Power BI Dashboard on Healthcare Claims

The operations dashboard below is built on Power BI and is fully interactive.  It is the most common types of dashboards the businesses get started using.  Click on the various charts to filter information and the arrows to change pages.  It shows claims data trends and details for over 1 Million rows of data.

3 Types of Dashboards – Get started Now

At CDO Advisors we know you are the kind of people who want to allow your team to make business decisions based on clear data insights.  In order to be that way, you need online dashboards that enable data drive decisions.  The problem is your team doesn’t have the time and expertise to quickly build analytic dashboards, which makes you feel frustrated.  We believe everyone should have access to high quality automated dashboards that drive data insights and are available anywhere.

We understand the challenges leaders face transforming how they visualize and use their data.  That’s why we created the CDO Advantage where we build you amazing dashboards at an affordable price.  Here’s how it works we build you a custom online dashboard in 4 weeks or less.  Step 1 you provide us a data, Step 2 we design and deliver dashboards, Step 3 we publish the dashboards and setup automated refreshes.  Call us today,  so you can stop wasting time asking others for information and start actively monitoring and acting on critical metrics.