Use a Virtual Chief Data Officer to Maximize Your Data

The Data Service You Need to Improve Your Data

You lack the time and knowledge to ensure you get the most value from your data.  At CDO Advisors, our Virtual CDO service will provide you the experience and expertise you need at an affordable price.  So you can focus on running your business knowing your data assets are being improved and used for better analytics.

Executive Level Virtual Chief Data Officer

You need someone with executive level experience helping you maximize your data assets?  A CDO Chief Data Officer or CDO focuses on getting the most from your organizations data assets.  This includes a data strategy focused on getting the information presented on dashboards, implementing business intelligence and predictive analytics.  Improve how you gain a competitive advantage and improve your business strategy by turning your data into a first class asset.  Our Virtual Chief Data Officer (vCDO) engagement provides you with all the benefits of a CDO at a fraction of the cost.  Your organization gets all of the benefits from have a experienced senior technology leader.  Confused about digital transformation or machine learning?  Our virtual chief data officer program helps you know what you need to achieve your unique goals.  Most companies are lacking in data governance which leads to poor data quality and limited ability to leverage their data.

Take the confusion out of your data and get ahead of your competitors.  Are you hearing terms like Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Text Mining, Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization?

Not sure what these terms mean or how they can help your business?  This service helps educate you on these data topics and determine which ones could help transform your business.

Get a Data Information Strategy at a Fraction of the Price

In our data driven world, business success is highly dependent on the use of data and technology to differentiate your services and reduce operating expenditure. The Virtual CDO service will ensure that you have an appropriate data information strategy plan that includes business strategy and data governance in place for your business.

Working as your partner we provide independent advice and best practices.  As your business evolves we focus on the data strategy and infrastructure that is required to increase your competitive advantage.  Improve your business operations with business intelligence that provides data and analytics that can increase revenue and reduce expenses.

We review your business strategy, policies, budgets and develop a Data Transformation Plan along with a strategy and roadmap.

Our team works with you year round to ensure you are getting the best information and leveraging your data to the fullest to achieve your goals.

Purchase block of hours in our Chief Data Officer Program to get the results you need.  No long term contracts required.

Chief Data Officer Advisory Services

Purchase the block of hours required per week to achieve your goals.  Then we partner with you to provide a wide range of data management expertise to help your company grow.  Example of CDO Chief Data Officer services clients need assistant with include:

  • Data Quality
  • Data Strategy
  • Data & Analytics
  • Enterprise Roadmap
  • Data Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data or Text Mining
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Management
  • Business Strategy

Our virtual chief data officer advisory services gets you executive level experience without hiring a full time resource.  Increase your ability to leverage your data and make better decisions.  Ready to overcome new data challenges, capitalize on big data opportunities, create a competitive advantage through data, or assess and reduce risk on data driven projects?  Organizations that focus on data will thrive and enable digital transformation.

We have several engagement models to meet your needs.  Contact us for details about hourly, monthly or quarterly engagement options.

What is a Chief Data Officer?

A CDO Chief Data Officer role focuses on data related functions to ensure your company is getting the most from your data assets.  Leverage a CDO to ensure your focus and direction is helping to optimize your business.

Competency areas of data and analytics deliver; examples are data warehousing, business intelligence (BI), data governance, data architecture, data integration, data classification, data strategy, data quality management, data security, and privacy, Master Data Management (MDM), data standards, regulatory compliance and enterprise architecture frameworks

Expert knowledge of the following: data structure, information systems/tools, related software and data management, enterprise analytics and delivery

CDO Dashboard to Monitor CDO Service

In order to get the most from your data for business success you need to monitor it just like any other asset.  Our Chief Data Officer program will ensure you have a view into your data how it is being managed along with data governance.  Visually see your data quality improve overtime as our CDO service works with your teams to build new and better processes to clean up and keep your data clean.  Improve your data and analytics to gain a competitive advantage and drive more revenue.  For example, our member CDO Dashboard will help you monitor your customer data, duplicate customers, and standardize their IDs in your systems.

Data Governance

Are you actively monitoring your data to ensure it has high quality and value?  If not, you are making business decisions on dirty data that will negatively impact your business.  We start our data governance program around master data.  Are you worried about your master data?  We can help you get a Master Data Management program that enables better data quality and data decisions by cleaning up your core data elements.

Most clients focus on areas such as Customer, Product, or Addresses.  This involves duplication of records, standardization of address and creating feedback processes to keep your data clean.  Improve your marketing and sales omnichannel experience by ensuring you have solid data to support your goals.


See examples of Data Projects that a Virtual Chief Data Officer can achieve:

Executive Dashboards

Data Mining to Improve Business Operations

Transform Finance with Modern Data Platform

Try a limited engagement Data Quick Start Solution

Learn more about Chief Data Officers – What is a Chief Data Officer?

Virtual Chief Data Officer FAQ

What is a Virtual Chief Data Officer?

A Virtual CDO Chief Data Officer service allows your business to get executive level experience without increasing headcount. We focus on your data challenges and opportunities to ensure you are getting the most value from your data.

How does a Virtual Chief Data Officer help my business?

The Virtual CDO applies their experience with data to help you leverage your data and make better business decisions. They help you create a strategy and roadmap to transform your business with data.

What projects can a Virtual Chief Data Officer lead?

We can help you transform how you use your data. A few ideas of projects that a vCDO can lead are:
Board Strategy
Data Governance
Data Strategy
Data Management and Modern Data Architecture

What is a Chief Data Officer (CDO)?

A Chief Data Officer role focuses on using data to solve business problems or enhance business processes. For example, they improve your business by using data for BI or machine leaning.

Do you need a Chief Data Officer?

Yes, everyone can benefit from having a role focused on data assets. Depending on what you want to achieve you may need a full time person or virtual chief data officer.


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