Enabling data analytics for your company with affordable pricing

Companies Should Be Improved With Data, Not Unsure How To Use It.


Are you frustrated by your existing reporting and analytics?
Stop telling yourself you cannot afford to improve how you use data.
Data should improve your business and your team, not confuse them.

“CDO Advisors provided us with the technical expertise we needed to implement data and analytics, they assessed and partnered with our team to deliver value quickly.” A. Yohannes – Crestwood

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Train Your Team in Hours not Days

Learn how to enable data analysis.  Designed for business users and developers.  We have found that developers don’t often have time to train the business users on how to use the software.  We tailor our training based on your needs to ensure adoption of the Power BI.

See Your Data in Action

Get a working Proof of Concept on your data to see what your missing.  We work with you to take your data and transform it into a data analysis solution to enable data driven decisions.  No strings attached, you keep what we built.

Power BI Consulting

We offer full support for your Microsoft Power BI implementation through Microsoft Power BI Consulting.  We have experience with new installations, conversions from other platforms and enhancing existing Power BI reports.  Fixed Fee and Pay by Month options are available.

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Ready to Move beyond Excel Reporting?

We implement Microsoft Power BI for data analysis because it is the best solution for most businesses. Starting at a cost of $10 per user per month, businesses can get started with a low cost of software ownership. Enable your team to analyze the data and empower self-service business intelligence

  • Do you have Office 365? You may already have a Power BI license.
  • Can you access your data from anywhere on your phone? Online access is included in the base price.
  • Is your current Business Intelligence Software maintenance high? We can help you reduce your costs.
  • Is Excel your primary reporting tool? Move data to a modern data platform and empower your team.
  • Get Microsoft Power BI Training in Hours not Days to get started sooner

How does Power BI Improve Data Analysis?

By creating powerful interactive dashboards that enable your team to visualize data.  Go beyond Excel pivot tables and pivot charts by empowering your users to analyze the data and spot trends and outliers.  Create reporting and dashboards that are actionable and available for all of your team to leverage.

From data analysis to mining data, transforming your data from tables and grids to a modern dashboard platform gets more value from your data and better decisions from your team.

CIO Review CDO Advisors Award
CIO Review CDO Advisors Award
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