Amazing Dashboards that Enable Faster Insights to Grow Your Business.

Stop Wasting Time Finding Data – Get a Dashboard in 4 Weeks – Make Data Driven Decisions

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Are You frustrated with Your Current Reporting?

If so, you need cloud based online dashboards.  After using our CDO Advantage solution, you’ll have a dashboard that will save you time and enable data driven insights

  • You can’t access your data from your phone

  • You struggle making data driven decisions

  • You waste time gathering data manually

  • You can’t track your KPIs online

  • You want self-service reporting and analytics

  • You don’t have a single location to monitor your metrics

Enable Business Intelligence and Self-Service Analytics with Power BI Dashboards

CDO Advisors designs and delivers Microsoft Power BI Dashboards that enable you to transform how you use data to make decisions.

Business Intelligence and Analytics have the potential to improve your business and increase revenue.

Empower your team with automated self-service reporting and analytics.

Visualize your data to easily spot trends, patterns and outliers that otherwise would go unnoticed.

Our CDO Advantage, BI as a Service solution provides outcomes in weeks.  We work with you to identify your critical reporting obstacle that impacting visibility into your business.  You’ll get new insights in weeks that you can afford with a fixed monthly fee designed to provide high ROI and low TCO.

“CDO Advisors provided us with the technical expertise we needed to implement data and analytics, they assessed and partnered with our team to deliver value quickly.”

Andrew Y., Crestwood

“CDO Advisors lead our successful new BI solution with a Data Vault and Power BI.”

Alex P., Napoleon

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Clients we have implemented on Microsoft Power BI Dashboards

CDO Advisors Power BI Client TDECU
CDO Advisors Power BI Client Westlake Chemical
CDO Advisors Power BI Client Napoleon
CDO Advisors Power BI Client Crestwood

How does Power BI Improve Data Analysis?

By creating powerful interactive dashboards that enable your team to visualize data.  Go beyond Excel pivot tables and pivot charts by empowering your users to analyze the data and spot trends and outliers.  Create reporting and dashboards that are actionable and available for all of your team to leverage.

From data analysis to mining data, transforming your data from tables and grids to a modern dashboard platform gets more value from your data and better decisions from your team.

We are experienced data advisors creating and implementing data solutions in many industries including – Healthcare, Retail Energy, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Rail and Transportation.

CDO Advisors Microsoft Power BI Solutions:

BI as a Service – Low Monthly Fees, Pay Per Month Per User

Executive Dashboards – Get Dashboards in 4 Weeks

Healthcare Dashboard Proof of Concept – SEE your data visualized

Microsoft Power BI Demo – Compare your current reporting to Power BI

Power BI Quick Start Solutions – Ready to start or enhance your Power BI?

Train Your Team – Remote Power BI Developer and End User Training

Use Power BI for Finance Teams – Learn how Power BI can improve operations

Virtual Chief Data Officer – Confused by all your data?  We can help

CDO Advisors YouTube – Subscribe and Watch Our YouTube Channel

Ready to move beyond basic reporting?

We implement Microsoft Power BI for data analysis because it is the best solution for most businesses. Starting at a cost of $10 per user per month, businesses can get started with a low cost of software ownership. Enable your team to analyze the data and empower self-service business intelligence

  • Do you have Office 365? You may already have a Power BI license.
  • Can you access your data from anywhere on your phone? Online access is included in the base price.
  • Is your current Business Intelligence Software maintenance high? We can help you reduce your costs.
  • Is Excel your primary reporting tool? Move data to a modern data platform and empower your team.
  • Get Microsoft Power BI Training in Hours not Days to get started sooner