Power BI Consulting the Fits Your Budget

There are several reasons why organizations might choose to hire Power BI consultants:

  1. Expertise: Power BI consultants have specialized knowledge and experience in using the Power BI platform, which can be leveraged to help organizations make the most of their Power BI implementation.
  2. Time savings: Hiring a consultant can save an organization time, as they can complete tasks more quickly and efficiently than if the organization were to attempt to do the same work in-house.

  3. Improved decision making: Power BI consultants can help organizations gather, analyze, and visualize data to support informed decision making.

  4. Customization: Power BI consultants can help organizations customize their Power BI environment to meet their specific needs and requirements.

  5. Cost savings: By hiring a consultant, organizations can avoid the costs associated with hiring and training in-house employees, as well as the costs of investing in the necessary software and hardware.

  6. Best practices: Power BI consultants can provide organizations with guidance on best practices for using Power BI, which can help organizations get the most out of the platform.

  7. Future-proofing: Power BI consultants can help organizations ensure that their Power BI implementation is aligned with their long-term goals and objectives, and can advise on future-proofing strategies to ensure that their investment in Power BI is protected.

Why hire Me for Power BI Consulting?

$150/hour USD – Billed only when we are active on your project!

We work on smaller BI solutions and only charge for the time we are working on your project.  This means lower costs for experienced Power BI Consulting.  Need to pause the project, no problem.  We stop billing.  Did someone go on vacation during the project that needs to validate the data?  Again, no problem.

Do you need to have a single report built?

Do you have several reports to build but want to spread the costs out?

Looking to modify an existing report?

Need architecture guidance?

No extra roles needed, PM’s, ETL Devs, BA’s

How We Help

Our Power BI Consulting will allow you to:

  • Get reports and dashboards built
  • Visualize your data quickly
  • Increase self-service analytics
  • Spend less time on ad-hoc queries
  • Get value from your data for actionable insights

How We Work

We partner with you to create and recommend:

  • Power BI Best Practices
  • Easy to use Reporting and Analytics
  • Training of End Users
  • Data Architecture Guidance
  • Data Lake, Data Warehouse implementation 

Increase Power BI Adoption with Better Reports and Dashboards

Let CDO Advisors, Power BI consulting help your organization transform how you are using Power BI and increase Power BI Adoption.

We review your current implementation, review reports, and interview key stakeholders and users.  Then we create a custom roadmap that documents your current setup and provides details on your maturity model and ways to increase Power BI Adoption.

A recent survey indicates that BI adoption is about 26% globally.  Are you one of these organizations that made investments in data solutions, platforms, or software only to still have people using Excel and emailing files?

We can help increase the number of users that actively engage in your Power BI solution and start making better and faster decisions

Derek Wilson Headshot

I’m Derek Wilson founder and owner of CDO Advisors.  Contact me today to schedule a free consultation to discuss how to increase your Power BI adoption with better data and visualizations.  Power BI consulting focused on delivering value to you on your terms.

Power BI Consulting as a Service
Power BI Consulting as a Service

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Power BI Consulting Services