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Our Data Transformation Plan for Executive Dashboards with Power BI

  1. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your unique challenges and opportunities.
  2. Leverage a Quick Start package to build an executive dashboard POC that you can leverage in as little as 10 days.  Understand how modern technologies work on your data to take the confusion out of data transformation for reporting and analytics.  Track your performance metrics and improve operations.
  3. Extend your Quick Start solution by developing a production ready environment that improves your business and prevents you from lagging behind your competition.

Here are few examples of how you can leverage Analytics

quick start

Power BI Sample

BI as a Service

Get more value from your data with our BI as a Service product that lets you pay for your executive dashboards and reports on a monthly basis. With our low setup fee get started in 4 weeks using online reports and dashboards. Then pay a monthly subscription fee for the number of users that need access.

Power BI Predictive Analytics

Move from Excel reporting to Power BI predictive analytics and executive dashboards. Take advantage of the features in Power BI to better understand your data. Drill into detail and enable self-service analytics.

Executive Dashboards with Power BI

  • Create powerful predictive analytic solution
  • Accelerated decision making
  • Data exploration
  • Custom built processes to improve operations
  • Leverage the results quickly

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What are Executive Dashboards?

Dashboards consolidate data from across your organization and enable your management team to make better decisions.  Just like on your car, a dashboard is meant to show the critical KPI’s or metrics that you need to focus on.  Power BI dashboards can be accessed on your tablet or phone so you can stay on top of your business without being at your desk.

What are Operational Dashboards?

Operational Dashboards focus on a specific department or areas metrics.  They can combine data from various systems to make it easy for your managers to spot trends and anomalies in their business units.  The same data can be surfaced on the executive dashboard for a consistent information.

What are KPIs and Dashboards?

KPIs are Key Performance Indicators such as Average Time to Answer.  The generally have an associated goals and compare the Actual to Goal in either the difference or as a percentage.

How do you Build Dashboards in Power BI?

Dashboards are built on the Power BI Service ( within App workspaces.  To build a dashboard you first build reports in Power BI Desktop.  Then publish reports to the Microsoft Power BI service into the appropriate App.  Individual visualizations can then be pinned to a dashboard.  This enables you to mash up data visualizations from different reports into a single dashboard.

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What Data Sources can Power BI access?

Microsoft Power BI can access over 60 data sources from files, databases and online services.
Keep up with the changes from Microsoft at

Get an Executive Dashboard POC and See the Difference

CDO Advisors Power BI Financial Sample
CDO Advisors Power BI Financial Sample

Text Mining call center notes to understand customer needs

Use Sentiment Analysis to learn positive and negative trends in your business

What words are trending and what can you do improve business operations?

Group text mining outcomes against claims or products to learn more about your products

Incorporate Text Mining Analytics into your company dashboards


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BI as a Service – Low Monthly Fees, Pay Per Month Per User

Executive Dashboards – Get Dashboards in 4 Weeks

Healthcare Dashboard Proof of Concept – SEE your data visualized

Microsoft Power BI Demo – Compare your current reporting to Power BI

Power BI Quick Start Solutions – Ready to start or enhance your Power BI?

Train Your Team – Remote Power BI Developer and End User Training

Use Power BI for Finance Teams – Learn how Power BI can improve operations

Virtual Chief Data Officer – Confused by all your data?  We can help

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