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Why Request a Free Microsoft Power BI Dashboard Demo?

Sign up today for a live Microsoft Power BI Demo, to see exactly how Power BI reports can transform your business intelligence.  Companies of any size can take advantage of this cost effective data and analytics solution.

Discover what can be accomplished by using Power BI to transform how you get better insights into your data.  Visualize your data and turn it into self-service interactive reports and dashboards that make it easy for your team to use.  In our 30 minute demo we will show you the critical pieces of the Power BI environment.

Use Power BI Desktop and together to:

  • Connect to almost any data file or source
  • Automate your manual reporting
  • Automate data refreshes
  • Increase Self-Service Reporting
  • Accelerate Decision Making
  • Spot Trends, Patterns and Outliers
  • Setup Alerts and Notifications

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What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence, data visualization and analytic product designed to enable better insights into your data.  In our Power BI demo, we will show you the three core parts to Power BI:

  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Service
  • Power BI Mobile

Let us know if you want to learn more about the technology or how your team can use the applications to improve performance.  We are experts at both.  Still have questions about Microsoft BI, we can educate you on the different software and how they interact.

Improve How Your Team Uses Data

Empower your team with better insights by allowing them to connect and visualize critical data.  Use Power BI Desktop to quickly create multiple tab reports that have interactive visualizations that let you uncover trends, patterns and outliers in your data.  Automation lets your team share the reports on the Power BI Service ( they have built across your company and access the information on their tablet or phone.  Drive data driven decisions across your enterprise in weeks.  Stop sending Excel files and having to login to your VPN to find your data.  Setup subscriptions and let Power BI send report or dashboard as email to the users when they need it.

Common data challenges we can solve with Power BI:

  • Data from multiple systems 

  • More time spent manually creating reports vs analysis

  • Reports and Dashboards are not centralized

  • Report updates and modification can be done quickly

  • Automated data refreshes to make the best data driven decision.

Empower Yourself and Your Team with Data – Request a free Power BI Demo

At CDO Advisors we know you are the kind of people who want to allow your team to make business decisions based on clear data insights.  In order to be that way, you need online dashboards that enable data drive decisions.  The problem is your team doesn’t have the time and expertise to quickly build analytic dashboards, which makes you feel frustrated.  We believe everyone should have access to high quality automated dashboards that drive data insights and are available anywhere.  See our business intelligence demos and compare your current reporting to what is possible with a Microsoft Power BI Demo.

We understand the challenges leaders face transforming how they visualize and use their data.  That’s why we created the CDO Advantage where we build you amazing dashboards at an affordable price.  Here’s how it works we build you a custom online dashboard in 4 weeks or less. 

  • Step 1 you provide us a data
  • Step 2 we design and deliver dashboards
  • Step 3 we publish the dashboards and setup automated refreshes  

Call us today and get your Power BI dashboard demo so you can stop wasting time asking others for information and start actively monitoring and acting on critical metrics.


CDO Advisors Power BI Financial Sample

Our Microsoft Power BI demo walks you through 5 areas of Power BI solutions.

  1. Connect to data with Microsoft Power BI Desktop
  2. Model and transform your data with Power Query
  3. Create reports to visualize and see your data
  4. Publish and Share your reports on (Power BI Service)
  5. Securely access your data from anywhere with the Power BI mobile app

Ready to get started using Microsoft BI tools to transform how you use data at a fraction of the cost?

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