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3 Types of Dashboards Executives Need Today

3 Types of Dashboards that Executives Need Now In this blog, we will be doing a quick review of the benefits associated with each of the 3 types of dashboards to determine which is right for your business. The common dashboards are operational, strategic, and tactical. To learn the basics of dashboards, refer to our previous blog detailing the properties of dashboards in Power BI. Operational Dashboards An operational dashboard is a tool that is used to monitor business processes that fluctuate constantly and the current performance metrics vital to your business. These dashboards often update on a minute to minute basis providing the most accurate and up to date information. Operational dashboards frequently used to monitor a company's progress towards a specific metric or goal, usually a specific department or branch. Azure Monitor tracks the usage and capacity of Azure applications IndustrySafe provides up [...]

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Use Power BI Decomposition Tree for Root Cause Analysis

Power BI Decomposition Tree Breaking Down Your Data Use the Decomposition Tree Visual in Power BI to explore your data and gain insights into how parts contribute to the whole.  Drill into hierarchies to see how each part contributes to the total.  Enable faster analysis for your team and gain data driven insights.  Using this visual enables you to break down a metric by the dimensions of your data to see the impact of each.  This can be used for root cause analysis such as failure of parts, operational processes or determining where you highest sales are coming from. How to enable decomposition tree in Power BI While in Preview mode, you will need to enable the feature in the Power BI options and then restart Power BI.   First, Open Power BI Desktop and the select File > Options and Settings and then Options.  This will open the Options [...]

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Power BI Key Influencers Analytics Example

What is Power BI Key Influencers Visualization? The Power BI Key Influencers visualization is designed to help you understand what data impacts the metric you are interested in.  For example, I used the Titanic dataset to see what data was influencing the survival of a passenger.  In this example, I want to see what factors about the passengers were critical to their survival.  We all have heard women and children first.  Now let us see what the data shows and how to get that information from the Key Influencers visualization. These are the columns I used to derive my results within Power BI Key Influencers. survived - What we want to see the influence on Sex pclass  (Passenger Class) fare cabin age ticket Once these values are setup in the options for the Key Influencers it quickly produced the following result.  As you can see the likelihood of surviving [...]

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CDO Advisors Quick Start Packages

Power BI, Analytics and Data Science Quick Start CDO Advisors Quick Start packages offer businesses a low cost option to explore Power BI, Analytics or data science.  Executives know they need better information from their data and are often confused on what technologies are available to transform their data.  You know your management team is frustrated by their ability to make data driven decisions based on data science and predictive analytics.  Our quick start packages are designed to get you a working proof of concept in as little as 5 or 10 days.  All of our packages leverage your data to provide better reporting, analytics, or data science.  As a result of these packages, see exactly what your business could gain by investing in these technologies with minimal cost. Power BI Consulting CDO Advisors can help you implement Power BI Dashboard and reporting solutions in many areas such as: Healthcare [...]

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Power BI and Credit Union Membership

Credit Union Membership Map in Power BI This example uses membership data for a fictional credit union to map the members by zipcode.  A heatmap is then created to show which zip codes have the most members.  The darker the color the more members are in that zip code.  In addition, the 4 branch locations are added as red pins with a 10 minute drive time.  The map is interactive and clicking on a zip code or push pin will highlight the appropriate data.  This information was also combined with US Census data to show the number of households by income bands to help you determine where to build new locations or target your marketing efforts. Click here for the full interactive report - Credit Union     CDO Advisors Microsoft Power BI Solutions: BI as a Service – Low Monthly Fees, Pay Per Month Per User Executive Dashboards – Get Dashboards [...]

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Better Understand Your Credit Union Members

Increase Membership with Analytics Leverage advanced data visualization tools to better understand your members and increase membership with analytics.  By combining your credit union member information and external postal code level demographic data.  Maps can be created that color code each postal code based on the concentration of members.  For example, in the graph below postal code 78222 has 40 active members.  In addition, there are 3,685 households that earn under $50K dollars.  There are also 2,440 households that earned between $50K and $100K.  As well as 1,096 households that earn over $150K.   There is also information available for each postal code that lets you know the number of people that rent vs buy their homes, how many cars people have, average number of children and age in each household.  By using this information you can market to your existing customers like never before.  In addition, you can better understand [...]

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Increase Value by Creating a 360 Degree Customer View

Creating a 360 Degree Customer View Businesses today have a wealth of data and limited information and knowledge.  Unless you are using a single application to run your business, you will need to integrate your data to achieve data driven insights. Gaining knowledge about your customers and all of their interactions can enable you to outperform you competition.  A 360 degree customer view pulls relevant information from all of your data sources into a single repository that gives you easy and quick access about your customers.  Leverage Power BI to better understand your customer and their behaviors. How can a 360 Degree Customer View increase revenue? Customized Customer Segementation Targeted Marketing Campaigns Loyalty Reward Cards Create Next Best Offer Programs Anticipate Customer Issues before they arise Potential Data Sources for a 360 Degree Customer View ERP Systems CRM Applications Transaction Systems Billing Systems Call Center Tracking Social Media Survey  [...]

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Cross Selling and Predictive Analytics

Increase Revenue Cross Selling with Predictive Analytics Understand how data mining and predictive analytics can help you target the best customers for cross selling or up selling opportunities?  By building a predictive analytics model that leverages historical data from your company.  A model can be built and applied to your active customer base that identifies your best offer for a customer.  We can get you next best offer models off the ground in 10 days.  See what is possible with machine learning to increase your revenue and decrease expenses.     Learn more about our Data Quick Start Solutions See how to leverage Data Mining to Improve Business Operations Learn more about Machine Learning

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Increase Revenue by Predicting Customer Churn

Value from Predicting Customer Churn Predicting customer churn allows businesses to leverage predictive analytics to classify customers based on how likely they are to churn.  You can divide your customers into segments.  Then get very granular such as calculating each customers probability of churn.  By using historical data from your operational systems you can mine the data to create predictive classifications.  Then using this information you can modify your operational processes to take advantage of this new insight.  And determine how best to handle your customer base customized to each customer.  While data quality is important.  When you first get started building predictive modeling you should start with the data you have.  It is more important to build a model, filter out bad data, and learn about your data and how it can improve your operations. Using data from a fictitious telecommunication company.  You will see how data mining works [...]

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