3 Types of Dashboards Executives Need Today

3 Types of Dashboards that Executives Need Now In this blog, we will be doing a quick review of the benefits associated with each of the 3 types of dashboards to determine which is right for your business. The common dashboards are operational, strategic, and tactical. To learn the basics of dashboards, refer to our previous blog detailing the properties of dashboards in Power BI. Operational Dashboards An operational dashboard is a tool that is used to monitor business processes that fluctuate constantly and the current performance metrics vital to your business. These dashboards often update on a minute to minute basis providing the most accurate and up to date information. Operational dashboards frequently used to monitor a company's progress towards a specific metric or goal, usually a specific department or branch. Azure Monitor tracks the usage and capacity of Azure applications IndustrySafe provides up [...]

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Introduction to Business Dashboards

What are Business Dashboards? Just like your car, a business dashboard collects in one location all of the critical information you need to run your business.  A management or executive dashboard should be easily accessible and like an automotive dashboard organizes and visually displays your data from various sources in one location.  They are critical for business intelligence solutions and enable self-service analytics for your employees.  If your employees do not know how you are performing against KPIs they are unable to make the best decision to improve performance. Why You Need Business Dashboards? Dashboards differ from traditional reporting in many ways.  First they are designed to visually see lots of data in a single location.  Management dashboards mash up data from your various sources to make it easy to for you to monitor your business.  Easily merge KPIs from you various departments into a single organization view.  No [...]

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Power BI Desktop Overview for Beginners

What is Microsoft Power BI Desktop? Unlock your data with Microsoft Power BI Desktop the developer tool for the Microsoft Power BI platform.  Power BI is a self-service business intelligence platform designed to enable automation and insights into your business.  Create interactive data visualizations and reports with Microsoft’s flagship data visualization software.  Connect to over 90+ data sources, including Azure data or SQL Server.  Import and transform your data set in Power BI then build reports that let you see trends, patterns and outliers in your data.  Frequent software enhancements are automatically applied with Power BI updates.   Publish your reports to and access the data via the web or Power BI mobile.  Get started for free and upgrade to Power BI Pro to share your content. CDO Advisors Power BI Desktop Canvas Integrate Your Data in Power BI Desktop Unlock your data by combining data inside [...]

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Data Wrangling Power BI COVID-19 Data

Data Wrangling Power BI Covid-19 Data Layout Changes In the last few weeks CDO Advisors created 2 blog posts to show you how to connect to GitHub and access the Covid-19 time series data.  Since the first blog post was created the GitHub data has been modified at least 2 times.  While frustrating this shows a great challenge that data scientist and analyst have when sourcing data from systems they do not control.  Often you will have to change your Power BI reports to keep up with these data sources.  In this post, I show you how to modify your existing report to use the new data by data wrangling Power BI. The GitHub main repository can be found here - CDO Advisors Microsoft Power BI Solutions: BI as a Service - Low Monthly Fees, Pay Per Month Per User Executive Dashboards - Get Dashboards [...]

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3 Ways to Improve Healthcare Analytics with Dashboards

Improve Healthcare Analytics with Dashboards Regardless of your specific role in the healthcare arena.  Using dashboards for data and analytics will improve your ability to make data driven decisions.  Dashboards are graphical views of your data that focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics that are critical to the success of your organization.  There are several types of standard dashboards such as Financial, Operations, Sales, Clinical, or Claims.  When you want to get more value from your data, start with a simple dashboard that surfaces the 5-10 critical metrics for your company.  You can always expand later, but start small and get value from your investment as quickly as possible.  Often, I do this in weeks not months.  This should not be a prolonged project, getting value quickly is the goal. Here are 3 ways to Improve Healthcare Analytics with Dashboards 1 - Accessibility of Data Dashboards enable everyone [...]

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Use Power BI Decomposition Tree for Root Cause Analysis

Power BI Decomposition Tree Breaking Down Your Data Use the Decomposition Tree Visual in Power BI to explore your data and gain insights into how parts contribute to the whole.  Drill into hierarchies to see how each part contributes to the total.  Enable faster analysis for your team and gain data driven insights.  Using this visual enables you to break down a metric by the dimensions of your data to see the impact of each.  This can be used for root cause analysis such as failure of parts, operational processes or determining where you highest sales are coming from. How to enable decomposition tree in Power BI While in Preview mode, you will need to enable the feature in the Power BI options and then restart Power BI.   First, Open Power BI Desktop and the select File > Options and Settings and then Options.  This will open the Options [...]

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5 Keys to Get Employees Using Your Dashboards

Get Employees Using Your Dashboards I frequently work with companies that have existing reports and dashboards in place from legacy platforms.  Often I hear that they invested in the product and built a solution and then were unhappy with the adoption by their employees.  This is more common than it should be and has left a bad perception of data reporting platforms in the minds of many executives.  Working with a variety of companies has allowed me to see what does work to increase user adoption and increase the usage of an modern enterprise data and reporting platform.  There are five keys to a new reporting platform initiative that has lead to successful solutions. Management Use of the Dashboards The highest levels of management and the business sponsor must use the solution.  They need to use it as much as possible and let others see them using it.  This could [...]

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CDO Advisors Quick Start Packages

Power BI, Analytics and Data Science Quick Start CDO Advisors Quick Start packages offer businesses a low cost option to explore Power BI, Analytics or data science.  Executives know they need better information from their data and are often confused on what technologies are available to transform their data.  You know your management team is frustrated by their ability to make data driven decisions based on data science and predictive analytics.  Our quick start packages are designed to get you a working proof of concept in as little as 5 or 10 days.  All of our packages leverage your data to provide better reporting, analytics, or data science.  As a result of these packages, see exactly what your business could gain by investing in these technologies with minimal cost. Power BI Consulting CDO Advisors can help you implement Power BI Dashboard and reporting solutions in many areas such as: Healthcare [...]

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CFO Dashboards Automate Your Critical Metrics

Visualize Financial Data in a CFO Dashboard with Power BI Finance leaders require data from across the enterprise in shown in a consolidated CFO dashboard to ensure they can make the best financial decisions for the organization.  Having your data stored in disparate enterprise application systems.  Presenting a consolidated view of a companies data is more difficult than ever.  Creating an executive CFO dashboard with Power BI can quickly pull together data and create a comprehension dashboard.  Start with your easily identified data such as Excel files to begin your journey.  Then connect Power BI to these files to create CFO dashboards that can be accessed from your PC, tablet or mobile device. Interested in learning more? Ask us about our financial dashboard examples that show you how to take your data and move it to a modern data and analytics solution in the cloud. Are you frustrated by your current [...]

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Top 5 Reasons Why CFOs Need Dashboards with Microsoft Power BI

How CFO Dashboards are Better with Power BI Imagine having the ability to see the data you need where and when you need it.  Dashboards enable a visual representation of your companies data in a consolidated platform.  This data can be from a variety of sources pulled together into a seamless experience for the management team.  By visualizing your data you can quickly spot trends and anomalies in your operations.  Then take action and improve your operations and service to your customers.  Having a CFO Dashboard in Power BI can save time finding information.  In addition it will enable faster decisions and provide a clear view of your business.  By using Microsoft's Power BI to power your dashboards you get 5 key advantages. 5 Advantages of Power BI Dashboards Nominal Cost of Licenses - The standard user license is $10 USD per user per month.  Get your team up and [...]

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