Power BI Training for Developers and End Users

We offer full support for your Power BI implementation through Power BI Training, Consulting or conversion.

Training options include onsite or virtual classes.

We have standard 4 and 2 hour Power BI Training packages built to designed to get your developers and end users making the most of Power BI.  In addition we can offer fully customized training classes to meet your specific needs.

Our courses are designed for power users or developers that want to design Power BI Reports and develop Power BI Dashboards.  At the end of the course, students will understand how to model data in Power BI, visualize data, publish data to PowerBI.com and leverage the Power BI app.  We will review how to connect to a variety of data sources to effectively mash up data to create comprehensive self-service BI (Business Intelligence).

Watch our YouTube Channel to learn how to build a report step by step – Build a Sales Report

Here are some of our sample Power BI samples.

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We have designed and built Power BI environments for Executives, CFOs and Sales teams.

Microsoft Power BI Consulting

Executive Dashboards with Power BI

Connect to your Azure SQL Database and enable powerful Power BI Reports leveraging Azure data – Azure SQL Database with DirectQuery

Microsoft also provides great support for Power BI – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/desktop-qna-in-reports

Power BI –  Power BI Designer

Learn more about Power BI here – Microsoft Power BI


Power BI Training Class CDO Advisors

Power BI Training FAQ

Who should go to this Power BI Training?

Our training is designed for business users and developers.  We have found that Power BI developers don’t often have time to train the business users on how to use the software.  We tailor our training based on your needs to ensure adoption of the platform.  You will learn how to use Power BI Desktop to create reports and publish to the Power BI cloud service App.  Then learn how to create a Power BI Dashboard that uses various visualizations from your reports to create a self service modern business intelligence platform.

Are there prerequisites for Power BI Training?

We require each student have a computer with Power BI Desktop installed.

Is Power BI Difficult to Use?

We have found users are able to transition from Excel to Power BI with focused training.  New users generally need help navigating the Power BI Reports and Power BI Dashboards.  We teach them how to interact with the reports, change filters and import and export data.

Can I access Power BI from my Tablet or Phone?

Yes, using the Power BI App you can have secure access to your data without needing to VPN into your network

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