Why Use Power BI for Healthcare Reporting and Analytics

Your employees need to make data driven decisions yet many spend more time trying to gather instead of analysis data.  In order for your company to stay ahead of the competition you need to empower your employees with self-service business intelligence and analytics solutions.  Then you need to ensure they know how to use them correctly to make critical decisions for your business.

By implementing a modern data life cycle using a product like Microsoft’s Power BI.  We help companies get more value from their data.  Unlock your data and present it in a platform that lets everyone easily spot trends and anomalies.  Get more insights on your claims, members or providers by implementing a complete revenue cycle management solution.

Example of Power BI Dashboard Impact on Healthcare

  • Single version of the truth
  • Simplified reporting
  • Stop emailing large Excel files to limited users
  • Shared analytics platform
  • Empower your employees of all levels
  • Spot trends and outliers
  • Get alerts and notifications when values change
  • Access your data anywhere

Power BI Healthcare Reports Examples

Many companies are already using Power BI to better understand their performance in critical areas.  By building reporting and dashboards you can gain new insights into areas such as:


  • Contracting
  • Fee schedules
  • Enrollment
  • Authorizations


  • Member co-payment
  • Coding
  • Claim Details

Account Receivables

  • Claim Status
  • Denial Reasons
  • Appeals

Power BI for Healthcare FAQ



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What types of Healthcare Questions can I answer with Power BI?

  • Which members have the most PPVs?
  • Why are claims being rejected?
  • Which Payers have the highest denial rates?