Data Quality Solution to Improve Business Operations

Are you frustrated by the quality of data in your applications?  Has your team lost confidence in your ERP or CRM applications due to poor data quality or duplicate data?  If so, you need to stop letting poor data move through your systems.  If you were a manufacturer and received raw materials that were poor quality and would impact you final product you would not accept the materials.  For some reason, businesses are OK with letting in poor quality data with no plan to fix or remove it.

Our Data Quality Solution built in Power BI is designed to quickly get you insights into your data.  No long term project or long term contracts.  Our solution lets you transform your data quality quickly to start improving your business and data driven decisions.

Why Choose CDO Advisors for Data Quality Consulting?

Our Data Quality solution provides you affordable and actionable insights quickly.  We price our solutions on fixed costs and deliver results in weeks not months.  Get the insights you need quickly to start improving your data quality.

We first do an evaluation on your data to understand data in your application.  Then we deliver reports that let you quickly spot the issues found in your data.  Finally, we provide an overview meeting with best practices to help your team implement quick changes to your systems to not only clean up data but prevent data quality issues.

Common Data Quality Issues

As businesses grow they collect more and more data.  Transforming data into a competitive advantage is critical.  If you are not able to leverage your data to make data driven decisions, enable machine learning, or improve your business.  You will fall behind your competitors.

In our experience, everyone agrees that having high data quality is critical for a successful business.  Executives want to make decisions based on the best data available.  Here are some of the common business issues from having a poor quality of data .  Is one of them holding you back?

Data Quality Remedies

Our Data Quality Solution will put your business on the right track however, improving the quality of data is a marathon not a sprint.  It takes a focused effort by a business and its leaders to establish a data quality project and systematically keep the data clean.

Data Profiling

Investigate what values are in your data column by column.  Data Profiling analyzes the information to let you see the content within your systems.

Data Cleansing

The process to identify and the apply corrective measures to fix data issues.  This could include updating bad values or removing data completely if required.

Data Governance

Processes that strive to improve data quality within an organization.  Data Stewards are identified and assigned to various subject areas to monitor and improve data once it has been corrected.  Often a formal team is organized and reports to a senior leader to ensure proper definitions of data are applied and changes made to data are accurate and minimize impact to business operations.

Master Data Management

Businesses need a single view of data for core elements such as people, product or address.  These core data elements need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure you have the most accurate copy of data.

Elements of Data Quality

  1. Data Completeness – Are there blank or null values in the data?
  2. Data Accuracy – Are the values what you expect to be stored in the column?
  3. Data Uniqueness – How many distinct values are there in the data?
  4. Data Patterns – Do you have a normal distribution of data or do you have outlier patterns?
  5. Data Ranges – What are the expected ranges of the data?  Do you have data that is an anomaly or outside expected results?
  6. Definitions of Data – What does the data mean in the context of the application or company?

Data Profile in Power BI Alpha Numeric Example

The example below shows the summarized data elements for 3 columns.  You can see the Min/Max, Average, Standard Deviation, Count, Null count and Distinct Count.

Data Quality Distribution - Alpha Numeric Example

Data Profile in Power BI Date Example

The highlighted row in the example below shows the information for the date column.  You can quickly see the Min Date (10/22/1916) and Max Date (12/31/2016) along with the count of records.  You can also see the Distinct Count of dates equals 509.

Data Quality Distribution - Date Example

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