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Use Power BI Sales Analysis dashboards to improve your sales and gain insights on your customers and products.  Microsoft Power BI offers the most affordable online dashboard solution to empower your employees to make data driven decisions.  Automate your reporting and free up valuable time that your team spends wrangling month end numbers.  Know where your sales are daily and against your target.  Contact us today for a free consultation to see how a Power BI sales analysis dashboard can improve your business.

Get started with a Sales Management Dashboard in as little as 8 Hours with our BI as a Service solution.  Fill out the form and request a free consultation to learn how!

See the difference data visualization makes

Sales Analytics Dashboard Example

Organize your data and visual your sales metrics in a single online Power BI Sales dashboard.  Combine data from your CRM, Billing or other systems to spot trends and patterns in your sales pipeline and customer base.  Insights can be shared by using a sales management dashboard to enable self-service reporting so all your team can quickly see current sales versus target data.  Track variances and keep up to date on where you are missing or exceeding your sales goals.

Monitor your sales team with a Performance Dashboard in Power BI like the example below.

Are You Frustrated By Not Having A Sales Analytics Dashboard?

Most businesses lack the time and expertise to build dashboards that gets results.  At CDO Advisors, we will build you an amazing Power BI sales analysis dashboard at an affordable price, so you can quickly make data driven decisions and improve your business.

Consolidate your reporting and dashboards into a common online cloud solution.  Enable your team to make data driven decisions, save time and save money.  Our Dashboards as a Service enable everyone to afford dashboards by paying a low monthly few to build and enhance your sales data analysis in 4 weeks or less!

Visually spot trends and outliers, share critical metrics and KPIs with your employees.  Automate reporting and refreshes and have your team focus on analytics and not data collection.

The example below creates a Power BI sales analysis dashboard solution to visualize sales data for a sales manager.  The data is loaded into Power BI to create several views that enable everyone from Sales Managers to Sales Reps to gain insights into the performance of the sales team.

View Sales Dashboard Online

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Sales Analytics Dashboards

Sales Analytics Dashboards quickly provide and overview of your sales KPIs and metrics.  Track your goals vs actual and know exactly where your product sales are tracking month to date, quarter to date or year to date.

Leaders can use Power BI sales analysis to track progress toward budgets, make sales decisions, adjust compensation plans, award bonuses or incentives, and identify issues quickly

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