Tracking Capital Projects with Power BI

Power BI Capital Project Example

This example pulls data related to projects and creates a Power BI Capital Project dashboard that enables users to quickly see actual vs budget and variance.  The status of the projects are shown as well as the breakout of projects by sponsor.

The graphs are interactive and can be filtered by selecting a checkbox on the right such as CapEx or OpEx or by selecting a section on a graph such as Refinery.  There are two pages on this report to provide a comprehensive view of your projects.  Custom project dashboards and reports can be built in weeks.  Contact us to learn more.

According to the Project Management Institution, “They are simple and powerful data-driven software solutions that are used to visually ascertain the status and key performance indicators of a project, or a portfolio of projects.” Use a Power BI project dashboard to keep up on the status of an individual project or roll up to a consolidated power bi project dashboard that shows a group of projects that lets you drill into details.

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