Tracking Capital Projects with Power BI

Power BI Capital Project Example

This example pulls data related to projects and creates a Power BI project management dashboard focused on capital project reporting.  This solution enables project managers and management to quickly see actual vs budget and variance.  The status of the projects are shown as well as the breakout of projects by sponsor.  While this example, focuses on CapEx a similar dashboard could be developed for OpEx tracking.

The graphs are interactive and can be filtered by selecting a checkbox on the right such as CapEx or OpEx or by selecting a section on a graph such as Refinery.  There are two pages on this report to provide a comprehensive view of your projects.  Custom project dashboards and reports can be built in weeks.  Contact us to learn more.

According to the Project Management Institution, “They are simple and powerful data-driven software solutions that are used to visually ascertain the status and key performance indicators of a project, or a portfolio of projects.” Use a Power BI project dashboard to keep up on the status of an individual project or roll up to a consolidated power bi project dashboard that shows a group of projects that lets you drill into details.

We can help you get automated reporting from your systems.

PMI Digital Dashboard Performance

Capital Planning Dashboard

Take data from your planning and budgeting applications to build a centralized capital planning dashboard.  See all of your CapEx and Opex projects in an online dashboard that lets you quickly see variance to budgets.  Using AFE’s for your projects?  Data from AFE’s can be shown along with detailed actual expenses to know exactly where you are on your project daily, instead of just once a month.  Setup subscriptions to your projects and get emailed updated to stay on top of your biggest expenses.

Get a Dashboard in 4 Weeks!

Power BI Project Dashboard

Interested in seeing a live Power BI demo or would like to have a Power BI Proof of Concept built on your data to see what you are missing?

We can do both!

Our Microsoft Power BI Proof of Concept is designed to take your data and transform it into an automated self-service dashboard.  Use it for CapEx or tracking and monitor your capital projects to ensure you know where you money is being spent.

We can setup emails that send you notification on a scheduled basis that let you see updates on your capital project reporting.

Power BI and project management enables you to better monitor and track the trends and issues in your tracking.

Power BI Project Management

Unlock your project data and track your projects in capital project dashboard. Easily share your reports and dashboards online and keep your project sponsors informed. Extract or connect directly to your project management software. Create a Power BI project management dashboard that is available on your computer tablet or phone with the Power BI App.

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Power BI Project Management Report

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