Power BI user training is for employees that want to leverage the reports and dashboards in Power BI.  At the end of the course, students will understand how to use navigate Power BI, use filters, export data and be comfortable using Power BI in their daily jobs.


This course is designed for business users that are responsible for leveraging organizational data to gain insights and improve business operations.  In 2 hours, we cover the most important topics in Power BI to enable you to get use the platform and make better decisions.


Students are required to bring their own laptop device and should have the latest version of Power BI desktop installed.  Students should sign-up for Power BI and have an active Power BI account to use for the course materials.  In addition, students should have the Power BI app on their phone or tablet.

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Lesson 1 – Introduction to Power BI Services

Lesson 2 – Power BI Desktop

Lesson 3 – Power BI Service

Lesson 4 – Power BI Mobile App

Lesson 5 – Rolling Out in the Enterprise