Microsoft Power BI Consulting

We offer full support for your Power BI implementation through Microsoft Power BI Consulting.  We have experience with new installations, conversions from other platforms and enhancing existing Power BI reports.  Contact us today to see how we can help you get more value from your data on a modern data architecture.

You know your management team is frustrated by their ability to make data driven decisions and easily interact with your current reporting environment. They want dashboards that enable employees to spot trends and business issues to make sound business decisions.

Leverage data visualizations to drive your business and make faster and better decisions.  Enable your business users through self-service reporting and dashboards to improve efficiency.  We offer Quick Start Packages that gives you the features you need to visualize your data and learn how to leverage Power BI in your company.

A Quick Start Package is designed to answer your questions about data, reporting and Power BI.  We design a solution based on your current challenges or opportunities to get your results in 10 days or less.  These are designed to be low risk and limited investment that delivers a working proof of concept.

These packages provide interactive dashboards for the management team and business users to explore and use. It also allows your IT team to see how Power BI would be implemented and how to support the solution.  Then you can experience having a modern data platform that you can access from your PC, Tablet or Phone.

Business Benefits of Power BI

  • Connect to almost any data
  • Create powerful data visualization and comprehensive dashboards
  • Accelerated decision making
  • Enable interactive graphing
  • Access data your computer, tablet or phone
  • Create and Share dashboards within your company
  • Enable Self-Service BI
  • Empower your employees with data and analytics

Step by Step Training Video

Watch our YouTube Channel to learn how to build a report step by step – Build a Sales Report

In this series of videos, we walk you through the steps required to turn an Excel file into a powerful data visualization and self-service reporting tool.  Each video is focused on a specific Power BI development task such as importing data, adding DAX and time intelligence.

Power BI Samples

Here are some of our sample Power BI samples.

Our Power BI Consulting projects have successfully transformed how companies leverage their data with reporting and analytics to drive business improvements.  We can also help you connect to many of the pre-built data integrations like Google Analytics with Power BI.

Contact us today to learn more and get your team creating better reports and dashboards.

In addition, we offer training options that include onsite or virtual classes.

Learn how we leverage Power BI for Finance and CFOs – CFO Dashboard with Power BI

Learn more about Power BI here – Microsoft Power BI

See your data with Power BI Consultants

Why hire a Power BI Consultant FAQ?

What to look for in a Power BI consultant?

Experience designing and implementing Power BI. In addition, we offer professional training for your developers and end users. Power BI projects should be broken into small deliverables that deliver results quickly.

How can a Power BI consultant improve my business?

We bring insights and experience from a variety of industries to ensure you get the most value to gain insights into your business.

How does a Power BI consultant decrease implementation time?

We are experts in how to setup and configure Power BI and related services. Our prior experiences help us know what to avoid and how to speed up your Power BI projects.

How does a Power BI consultant increase BI adoption?

We help businesses scope projects to deliver value without overwhelming the business users. We train the users using their dashboards to ensure they are comfortable leveraging the new solutions.

Data Transformation Plan

Expect more from your data and enable better data driven decisions.

Get our Data Transformation Plan

  1. Get your risk free data assessment
  2. Select a Quick Start Solution to see what can be done in 10 days or less
  3. Enhance your Quick Start and make it production ready to start your transformation

How we can help your business as a Power BI partner

  • Data Analytics, Reporting, and Dashboards
  • Enable of mobile reporting on your tablet or phone
  • Power BI Training
  • Enable self-service BI
  • Refine and implement KPIs and critical business metrics
  • Data Quality improvement
  • Data governance
  • Master Data Management