Dashboards as a Service – Pay by Month

Get Dashboards in 4 Weeks – Starting at $5000

Most businesses lack the the time and expertise to build dashboards and analytics that get results.  At CDO Advisors, we’ll quickly build you amazing dashboards for an affordable price.  So you can start making data driven decisions and improve your business.  Our Dashboards as a Service solution get you value in 4 weeks.

Watch our 1 minute video and see how an Excel file was transformed into an online dashboard with mobile app access

Who Should Use Dashboards as a Service for Dashboard Solutions

Your Business Need:

  • Information in not available online in an easy to use format
  • You want to access your data from anywhere on your tablet or phone
  • You can access your data but it’s manual and difficult to understand
  • You want dashboards to highlight critical metrics or KPIs
  • You have limited resources that can create reports

You Current State:

  • You need Business Intelligence or Reporting quickly (weeks not months)
  • You want to build a new business intelligence program at a low cost
  • You have limited IT resources to help setup the solution and maintain
  • You have a Enterprise Solution but still need quick tactical solutions for you department
  • Your primary source of reporting is Excel Files emailed or on shared folders

Dashboards as a Service Enables Dashboards in Weeks

CDO Advisor’s Dashboards as a Service allows our clients to get more value from their data with quick solutions designed to deliver results.  Start getting better reports and dashboards to enable self-service reporting and analytics in weeks.

Our Dashboards as a Service (DasS) solution ensures that you have support along your BI journey.  We work with you to delivery quick wins for a small project fee and then ongoing support in a subscription based model.

Our monthly subscription service enables you to roll-out data or reporting projects that keeps your overall cost low and allows you to build your business intelligence program over time.  Other options include our flexible project pricing that enables you spread your payments over months.

Do you have a limited budget and still need projects completed?  Our Dashboards as a Service model enables you to get results now.

Get executive dashboards in weeks and start improving how you leverage data to make critical decisions.

Reduce manual reporting and increase automation to discover trends, patterns and gain new insights.

Our pricing structure makes data and analytics available for everyone!

How Dashboards as a Service Works

Typical BI project takes 6-9 months and requires your team to support and maintain the solution after delivery.  Often companies do not have the bandwidth or expertise to continue to enhance the solution requiring new capital expenses to extend the BI projects.

The Dashboards as a Service solution offers you a low cost, low risk solution that enables BI to be delivered quickly with built in monthly enhancements or support.  Projects are designed and deployed on Microsoft Power BI enabling your team to have secure cloud-based analytics.  Access your data from your anywhere on your tablet or phone with the Power BI app.

Getting Started – The CDO Advantage Dashboard Solution

Our CDO Advantage Dashboards as a Service Solution starts with one data source, application or report extract.  We take this data and then turn it into a Power BI report with interactive visualizations and then setup or Power BI environment to automate the data refreshed.  Our team works with you to provide agile solutions that can focus on the projects that you need now.  Our goal is to provide you the best BI solutions to improve your business without wasting time or money.  Our team supports the ongoing support and maintenance of the solutions at a fixed cost.

  1. Define the data source
  2. Determine data refresh process
  3. Design and Build a Power BI Report with up to 3 worksheets
  4. Create Power BI User Accounts
  5. Setup Power BI and Connect to client data source
  6. Publish Power BI Report to PowerBI.com
  7. Schedule Data Refreshes on Power BI
  8. Train Your team on how to access the report from Web Browser or the Power BI App
  9. Start using your new Reports
  10. Get monthly enhancements, support or training

Dashboards as a Service – Data Analytics

Dashboards as a Service solutions cost less and are faster to implement than a tradition Business Intelligence project

We focus on the critical data you need to quickly make decisions and deliver results

Not sure if this is right solution for your business?

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Get BI as a Service and Implement data and dashboards 

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Use Cases for Dashboards as a Service

  • Extract data from an application to enable better analytics
  • Excel data currently emailed or from a shared folder
  • Ensure your team can access critical data from anywhere
  • Monitor key metrics without long expensive projects
  • Mashup data from different applications to gain new insights
  • CRM data
  • ERP data
  • Data Quality projects

Automate Reporting

Connect and have interactive reports and dashboards.  Deploy solutions to the cloud to enable data driven decisions.

Dashboards for Everyone

Improve Operations and make better decisions by seeing your data.  Use Interactive filters and sliders to better understand your business.  Empower your team with our Analytics Pay by Month service.

Access Your Data Anywhere

Get your data from the Power BI app on your tablet or phone.  Stay on top of your business wherever you are.