Power BI Training Louisville KY 2019

Get a Power BI Trainer in Louisville, KY?  CDO Advisors offers onsite Power BI training in Louisville, KY.  We have standard packages as well as custom training built on your data to ensure your employees get the most from the training investment.

Why spend all day at a Dashboard in a Day or multi-day training costing over $1500 when we have streamlined the learning curve to get you going with Power BI in as little as 4 hours.  Contact us for options or for customized training to fit your specific needs.

Standard packages start at 4 hours for Power BI report developers and 2 hours for end user Power BI training.

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Email us at sales@cdoadvisors.com

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Get onsite training for your team with a Power BI Trainer in Louisville KY

Why Get Power BI Training?

Maximize your investment in Power BI and ensure your developers and users know how to use the software. I have seen low adoption of BI tools due to lack of effective training.

How long is Power BI Training?

We offer a standard 4 hour training package for developers and 2 hour training package for end users. No need to leave the office for all day training, we come to you or provide virtual training as required.

How do Power BI Trainers help my users?

For developers getting training ensures they know best practices and common issues to avoid. We review data visualization best practices and how to ensure quality reports. For end user training we focus on how to use the software to increase adoption and ensure use of Power BI.