Make faster and better decisions with easy to ready online dashboards.  Start making data driven decisions

Rapid Power BI Implementation that delivers results with our CDO Advantage, Proven Delivery Framework

Automated reports that free up resources to analyze your data, reduce manual reporting

How it Works – Power BI Consulting as a Service

Our process is easy to go from manual reporting to online automated dashboards in 4 Weeks:

Step 1 – Sign up for a free Power BI Consulting call or demo

Step 2 – Determine a Quick Win POC from your current data and reporting

Step 3 – We build and create a Power BI solution 

Step 4 – Get an amazing dashboard that improves analytics with automated refreshes

Power BI Consulting Services
Power BI Consulting Services

Are You Ready to Stop Being Frustrated by Your Current Reports?

What’s my investment?  How much is unclear reporting costing you?  How many opportunities to improve revenue or decrease expenses are being missed in your sea of data?  How many times are critical steps being missed because people don’t even know what metrics or KPIs they should be focused on?  How many people are not really using your reporting now?  Can your team understand the current reports and how to make better business decision in the first place? 


A lack of clear automated reporting and dashboards with easy to understand data visualizations may already be costing you a great deal.

We work with you to enable easy to use dashboards and reports that visualize your data to enable you to make better decisions.

See How Much Your Current Manual Reporting is Costing You

Our Power BI Consulting as a Service gets you started in weeks.  

Manual reporting is costing you more than you realize.  Compare your manual reporting cost for 1 employee to our $10K quick start solution.

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Power BI Consulting as a Service

One Time Payment – 12 Months

Get 16 hours of expert Power BI Consulting for 12 months with a one time payment. 

16 hours per month @ $120/hour

192 hours a year 

Total Price –  $23,040

6 Month Package

Get 16 hours of expert Power BI Consulting for 6 months with a one time payment. 

16 hours per month @ $135/hour

96 hours for 6 months

Total Price –  $12,960 

Pay by Month

Get 16 hours of expert Power BI Consulting each month. Pay for each month that you need help for your projects

16 hours per month @ $150/hour

16 Hours per month

Total Price – $2,400

Who This is For – Power BI Consulting as a Service

Executives that want to get more value from their data and improve operations with dashboards and analytics.  Save time and money by knowing where your critical data is with an automated solution.  Our services are designed for SMBs that need better insights from data and analytics but cannot afford a traditional BI consulting project.  No longer are only Fortune 500 companies the only ones that can afford business intelligence solutions.  Our Power BI Consulting Services will deliver projects that can transform you business with reporting.

You need help with smaller projects or want to kick the tires of Power BI without a large investment
You want better analytics without a long term project
Your team spends a lot of time gathering data instead of analyzing it
You want to access your data from anywhere with easy to understand data visualizations
You want automated reporting that enables data driven decisions

Customer We Have Helped

Power BI Dashboards

Provided Training and Consulting for Operational Dashboards and Power BI architecture and implementation

SQL Data Warehouse & Power BI 

Architected and delivered a SQL Data Warehouse with a new implementation of Power BI for Executive sales and operational reports and KPIs

KPI and Operations Reports

Developed Power BI dashboards for Executive team for weekly and monthly metrics, Call center operational dashboards and client reports

Customer Use Cases

Crestwood Midstream Analytics in 8 Weeks

Crestwood is a midstream oil and gas company headquartered in Houston, TX.  The were looking for assistance setting up their Power BI environment on their existing data assets. Current reporting existed in different platforms and manual ad-hoc queries.  Management was able to get reporting from a variety of sources but not easily accessible and easy to use.


CDO Advisors worked directly with their IT leads to architect and setup the Power BI environment. Our approach leveraged their existing data sources to build new Power BI reports and dashboards. This enabled a one stop shop for their management team to access mission critical data from across the enterprise.

AGR Group Executive Dashboard in 4 Weeks

AGR Group is a call center based in Las Vegas, NV.  Their CFO and CIO approached us to help automate executive reporting.  This information currently comes from different applications and was being sent in multiple Excel files to management.  Management reporting is difficult and the staff spends many hours manually pulling data.


Partnering with their IT team CDO Advisors implemented executive dashboards using Excel and SQL Server data as sources.  In less than 8 weeks, we designed and deployed their new dashboard solution. 

  • Single Source of Truth
  • Enabled self-service analytics
  • Decrease manual reporting by 40% and improved efficiency
  • Automated Management Reporting
  • CFO Dashboards Accessible online from anywhere
  • Improved analysis of operations and sales data

Watch an Excel File into this online dashboard (1 Minute Video)

Power BI Consulting as a Service
Power BI Consulting as a Service

Get help with Power BI Consulting

Why Hire Us?

With over 22 years experience designing and implementing data and analytic solutions. Derek Wilson can help you quickly get more value from your data to improve your business.  Data visualizations, dashboards, or KPIs can be developed in weeks to provide you with new insights into your business.  Monitor trends and spot outliers quickly.  Enable your team to make better decisions and focus on the critical metrics that drive results.  

Lower your project risk with experience that has delivered results in a variety of industries.  Our affordable Power BI consulting services rates and options for projects help you get the value you need at an investment you can actually afford.  #cdoadvantage


We work with you to review your current reporting and recommend the best Power BI approach to improve your data and analytics


Quick Solutions

Get value quickly with our proven Power BI solution framework.  Lower your risk and improve your use of data visualizations

Reports, Dashboards and KPIs

We build custom reports and dashboards from your data to create actionable insights for your team


New Power BI Installations

Ready to get started with Power BI?  We have successfully implemented Power BI, Power BI Premium and Power BI Premium Per User.  We can get you started quickly a lower your risk of rollout

Power BI Resource

Already have Power BI and just need additional bandwidth?  We can help you complete your projects with expert level Power BI consulting

Audit & Maintenance

Are you curious if your Power BI implementation is working as designed?  We can audit your current Power BI setup and provide recommendations.  In addition, we can provide ongoing maintenance for your existing Power BI investment

Core Concept – Quick Implementation and ROI

Our solution leverages your existing infrastructure and reporting solutions.  We take Excel or csv exports and build data visualizations that let you see your data.  Quickly spot trends, issues or outliers in your operations or sales.  Automation typically improves your business by decreasing the time to find data to make critical decisions.  Access your data securely from anywhere without having your team email large files.  According to CMSWire, workers spend around 36% of their day looking for and consolidating information.
Leverage existing reports from your applications
We build automated online reports and dashboards
Setup Power BI online, security and automated data refreshes
Enable better insights and analytics in as little as 4 weeks
Save Time and Money by freeing up resources from repetitive tasks and make faster decisions.

Power BI Consulting Services

Current State

You need insights in weeks not months

You want improved analytics without a long term consulting project

You have limited IT resources that can deliver a business intelligence solution

You have an Enterprise solution but need a quick tactical solution


Your primary source of reporting is Excel files stored on a file share

Future State

Dashboards built in 4 weeks

Fast Delivery with Low Risk Development and Deployment

Our BI Experts deliver the solution you need quickly and efficiently

Analytics that drive solutions and improve data driven decisions

Automated reporting that you can access from anywhere

Power BI Consulting POC
Power BI Consulting Services


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