How CFO Dashboards are Better with Power BI?

Imagine having the ability to see the data you need where and when you need it.  Dashboards enable a visual representation of your companies data in a consolidated platform.  This data can be from a variety of sources pulled together into a seamless experience for the management team.  By visualizing your data you can quickly spot trends and anomalies in your operations.  Then take action and improve your operations and service to your customers.  Having a CFO Dashboard in Power BI can save time finding information.  In addition it will enable faster decisions and provide a clear view of your business.  By using Microsoft’s Power BI to power your dashboards you get 5 key advantages.

The example below shows how an Excel file can transform into an online dashboard that enables self-service analytics.  Get your team make data driven decisions in weeks.  Our BI as a Service solution enables faster and affordable business intelligence.

CDO Advisors Power BI Financial Sample

CDO Advisors Power BI Financial Sample

How much does Power BI Cost?

The standard user license is $10 USD per user per month.  Get your team up and running with a minimal investment.  If you are using Office 365, you may already have a license.

How Hard is it to Learn Power BI?

Low Learning Curve for Users – Enable your team to leverage the tools they need to get more value from your data.  Power BI is easy to learn and Microsoft offers free training videos and is widely adopted with great support from the Power BI community.

What can you do with Power BI?

Rich Visualization – Quickly build a variety of graphs and visualizations to consolidate and explore your data.  Make your Excel data come to life and move beyond columns and rows.

Does Power BI Enable Self-Service Reporting?

Enable Self-Service – Users can explore the data and drill into to see details and get a deeper understanding of their data.  No need to request different reports to be built on the same data.  Slice and dice your data to enable better and faster decisions.

Can I Access Power BI on my Tablet or Phone without a VPN?

Anywhere Data Analysis – Publish your data to and gain access to your data securely via the cloud.  Access your data via the Power BI app on your smartphone or tablet without needing to VPN to the network.

To see an example of how Power BI can visualize data – Power BI Dashboard Sample


Power BI Smartphone KPIs


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