Predictive Analytics

Improve Business Operations with Predictive Analytics

Unlock the value of your data to make data driven decisions to improve your revenue.  Using our accelerator packages we can work with you to create a pilot project in as little as 12 weeks.  Common patterns that can be found with advanced analytics are:

  • What are customers most likely to buy
  • Which customers are most likely to churn
  • Who is most likely to accept a marketing campaign
  • What products are most likely to be purchased together
  • Mine free form text fields to find common words
Jump Start Predictive Analytics

Calculate Customer Churn ROI

Decrease the number of customers that churn from your company by learning the leading drivers of churn.  To learn how much a customer churn model can increase your revenue use the calculator below.

Churn Calculator ROI

Calculate Cross Sell ROI

Maximize your marketing spend by sending your campaigns to the customers most likely to accept your offer.  To see the impact of a cross sell campaign use the calculator below.

Cross Sell Calculator ROI