Data Vault Consulting

Data Vault Consulting

Do you have multiple source systems and looking for a way to create a single data repository? A data vault is designed to store all operational source system data in a manner that is flexible and auditable. The 3 core components of a data vault are Hubs, Links and Satelite tables.

Data Vault Hub

Hub tables contain the list of unique business keys for the business entities.  Examples include Product, Location, or Country.

Data Vault Links

Link tables provide the join between the Hub and Satellites.

Data Vault Satellites

Satellite tables store the descriptive attributes along with a data columns to track when the record was active.  Satellites generally have high rates of data change.

Core Architecture for Business Intelligence

Data Vault for Business Intelligence

With its highly flexible design and ability to audit all data.  A data vault serves as the core foundation layer for your business intelligence project. Combine a data vault with in-memory OLAP technology such as SQL Server SSAS tabular models and advanced visualization such as Power BI to create a robust Business Intelligence solution.

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