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What is a Quick Start Solution?

Our Quick Start solutions are designed to help take the confusion out of data and help you understand how your business can leverage the latest in data and analytics technologies.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  We are data experts and design our solutions to deliver results in 5 to 10 days.  We limit the scope and maximize the value by enabling you to see what is possible.  Our Quick Start solutions are priced at $1000 per day up to 10 days (plus time and expense if required).

Why use a Quick Start Solution?

Executive are often unsure how data and analytics technologies can be applied to solve business challenges or create opportunities.  Our Quick Starts help educate you using your data to see how you can improve your business through a data transformation plan.  We can help you see how other companies are leveraging data and design the Quick Start to limit your investment.  While ensuring you have a working proof of concept when completed.

Typical Outcomes from a Quick Start Solution?

Better understanding of data and analytics technology applied to your business.  Having a functional prototype or documentation that can drive data transformation in your organization.  Automation of manual processes, elimination of data silos, increased business optimization through data driven insights.

See examples of Data Quick Start Solutions that can help you see what is possible.

Executive Dashboards

Data Mining to Improve Business Operations

Transform Finance with Modern Data Platform

Power BI Project Management Report

Data Quick Start Solution FAQ


What is a Data Quick Start Solution?

A limited engagement up to 10 days that focuses on a specific data challenge or opportunity in your business. We help you understand what is possible with data technologies to improve your business.

Why use a Data Quick Start Solution?

Our Quick Start solutions limit your investment and risk. Build out a prototype or roadmap that enables you to see how a solution works or a strategy helps achieve your goals.

What is the benefit of a Quick Start Solution?

The short duration allows for rapid delivery of a challenge or question you have around data and analytics. Take the guesswork out of what could be by seeing a streamlined version of what is possible.

Sample Data Quick Starts


Power BI Data Visualization Machine Learning
CFO Dashboard Predictive Analytics
Executive Dashboard Data Mining
Data Quality Next Best Offer
Data Governance Customer 360
Data or Analytics Strategy Customer Demographic Map
Data of Analytics Roadmap Preventative Maintenance

Data Warehouse

Power BI

Data Integration


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