Power BI Updates

Power BI Updates – Desktop

This page highlights the newest Power BI Updates each month across the different parts of the product.  You can quickly see what is new and click on the link to see the official Microsoft notes.

The Power BI Desktop is the application where you build reports and models to publish.

Power BI Desktop December 2018 Update


  • Smart guides for aligning objects on a page
  • ArcGIS Maps for Power BI updates
  • Fields list accessibility support
  • Set tab order for objects on a page
  • Tooltips for button visuals
  • Updated icons for Visual interactions

Power BI Desktop September 2018 Update


  • Dot plot layout support in scatter charts
  • Copy value and selection from table & matrix
  • Built-in report theme options
  • Report page tooltips generally available & Card support
  • Accessibility improvements for analytics and formatting pane support


  • Aggregations (preview)
  • Q&A support for RLS

Custom visuals

  • Horizon Chart
  • Text Enhancer by MAQ Software
  • Advance Card
  • Multi KPI
  • Custom visual API updates

Data connectivity

  • PDF file connector (preview) – pull tables out of PDFs for use in Power BI
  • SAP BW connector – support for measure properties
  • Dataflows connector (beta)

Power BI Desktop August 2018 Update


  • Export to PDF, and print your reports
  • Create bookmark groups
  • Themes are generally available
  • Slicer restatement


  • Conditional formatting by values
  • Python integration
  • Q&A improvements


  • Data categories for measures
  • Statistical DAX functions

Power BI Desktop June 2018 Update


  • High contrast support for reports
  • Donut radius control
  • Pie and donut detail labels position control
  • Format data labels separately for each measure in a combo chart
  • Longer Phone Reports
  • Filtering and sorting in data view (modeling)
  • Improved local filtering (modeling)

Microsoft Video showing updates – https://youtu.be/4VpGtWSrssE

Power BI Desktop May 2018 Update


  • Conditional formatting by a different field
  • Advanced slicer syncing
  • Log axis improvements
  • Data label options for funnel chart
  • Set line stroke width to zero


  • Measure drillthrough


Power BI Desktop April 2018 Update

  • Q&A Explorer
  • Buttons can trigger actions
  • Combo Chart line styles
  • Improved Sorting for Visualizations
  • Numeric slicer
  • Update to Linguistic Schema
  • New DAX function: Combinevalues()
  • New Visualizes
    • Overview by CloudScope
    • Icon Map by Altius
    • Hexbin Scatterplot

Power BI Desktop February 2018 Update

Core updates to the reporting features include:

  • Multi-select data points across multiple charts
  • Sync slicers across multiple pages of your report
  • Numeric range slicer improvement – whole number snapping (preview)
  • Faster geocoding for Bing maps (web preview)
  • Overflow data labels for bar and column charts
  • Search the formatting and analytics pane


Power BI Service Updates

The Power BI updates to the service platform are listed below.

The Power BI Service is the online service where you publish apps, reports and dashboards.

Power BI Service January 2018 Update

  • Share and favorite Power BI reports
  • OAuth2 and DirectQuery Single Sign-on Support for Azure SQL Database and Data Warehouse
  • In-region Auditing
  • Announcing general availability of SharePoint Online report web part
  • Custom visuals admin control
  • Scheduled refresh support for Azure Analysis Services
  • January update for On-premises gateway
  • Improved hyperlink support on Mobile

On-premise Data Gateway Updates

The Power BI On-premise Data Gateway connects the Power BI cloud service to your on premise data.

On-Premise Data Gateway January 2018 Update

  • PowerShell commands for managing the on-premises data gateway are now published to the PowerShell Gallery in beta.
  • On-premises data gateway administrators can configure their gateways to control the number of mashup engine containers that can run in parallel.
  • The on-premises data gateway now includes the January version of the mashup engine

Power BI Report Server

The October release for Report Server includes.

  • Support for imported data in Power BI reports
  • Ability to view excel workbooks within the web portal. This is done by configuring Office Online Server.
  • Support for the new Power BI table and matrix visuals.
  • REST API support

Power BI Report Server Release Notes

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