See Your Data in with Power BI Consulting POC

Interested in Power BI but not sure how to get started or how it can improve your data analysis?  Sign up for our Power BI Consulting POC and see your data in Power BI.

Get a working prototype that you can use and try before making a larger investment.  We want to be your Power BI partner and are willing to create a custom proof of concept solution that showcases how Power BI helps your business.

Provide us a dataset and we get you a working proof of concept in as little as 5 business days.  No risk obligation.  We want to show you what is possible with your data no strings attached.  

We Build Your Power BI Dashboard

Start with our Power BI Consulting POC and see what’s possible.  Like what you see in Power BI, we extend your project into a production solution to get you working quickly to make data driven decisions.

Once completed, you keep the Power BI Consulting POC deliverable.  We will walk you through the solution and discuss ways to automate the solution to improve your operations with increase revenue or decreased expenses.

Why Choose CDO Advisors for Your Free Power BI POC?

Our process is simple and delivers results quickly.  No risk to you.

We will discuss your current reporting environment.  Then agree with you on a data set to use for the Power BI POC.

Our team them starts modeling and building reports that let you get more value from your data.

We design up to 4 report pages of content that let you best visualize your data.

Once completed, we walk you through the report and discuss any findings from your data or trends we spotted.

Finally we deliver the Power BI report and discuss recommendations for how to turn the Power BI POC into a production report.

Free Power BI POC

See Your Data in Power BI

3 Easy Steps To See Your Data in a Dashboard

  1. Request the Proof of Concept (POC)
  2. Send us a sample data file (we sign all NDAs, etc)
  3. Get a customized Power BI Report

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Get Your Free Power BI POC Now

Connect with us to get started. We will have a short call to discuss the POC and ensure we know what areas of Power BI you want to explore.

Next, send us a sample data set such as an Excel or CSV file that contains the data you want to see in Power BI.  We review the data and provide feedback on any data quality issues to prepare for the report development.

We build a working Power BI Desktop report using your data.  When completed, we schedule a web demo to walk you through your report.  This includes the functionality, visualizations and how to use the report in Power BI.  At the end the Power BI report is send to you, free of charge.

Want to See What is Possible with Power BI Dashboards?

Contact us today to schedule a free Power BI Consulting POC.  We review different types of reports that we have helped other customers with.  Then discuss if our part-time or retainer based offering would be beneficial to you Power BI Consulting needs.

Power BI Consulting POC
Power BI Consulting POC

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