Copy of How to Improve Data & Analytics in as little as 8 Hours per Month

Stop waiting on resources to free up or asking for funding for a large CapEx project. See how BI as a Service gets you data & analytics now

Self Service Analytics in 8 Hours or Less

8 hours! What can possibly be done in 8 hours to drive my company’s self service analytics forward? The short answer is a lot. When you have a expert data professional focused on the data and projects you need. Data can be transformed into online reporting and dashboards solutions that your entire company can leverage with Power BI

Start with quick wins that take data from existing Excel or CSV files that can be used as sources of information. Then we model that data and automate a solution to delivery online self service analytics and dashboards.

Each month by focusing on critical metrics and reports you will build out your analytics environment at a consistent pace delivery value at each step.

Self Service Analytics In Bite Size Projects

Executives today need answers quickly with data they can trust. After working in companies and seeing the challenges of getting funding for business intelligence or data projects. CDO Advisors has setup a new type of BI and Self Service Analytics solution, BI as a Service using Power BI.

Get projects done with a low monthly payment that locks in your BI expert and the hours you need to make progress on BI projects quickly each month. No money spent on project management or implementation fees! Just expert data consulting to automate reporting and dashboards that enable self service analytics.

Who Should Attend

Great opportunity for CFO’s, COO’s, CMO’s, CIO’s and Managers to get an understanding of how this technology can empower your employees to make better and deeper decisions. Don’t lag behind your competition, learn how to get data driven insights and improve your business operations and increase revenue.

Sign Up and in 45 minutes you will see demos of how we have helped other executives improve their business in as little as 8 hours a month.

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