Leverage Data Mining to Improve Business Operations

Looking to get new insights into your data by creating or enhancing a data mining project.  We work with you to design and use data mining to improve business operation solution.  First we start by understanding your goal and then create a Quick Start solution.  Our Quick Start Data Mining projects are designed to get you the basic understanding of what a business needs to do to make the most of advanced analytics.

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What is Data Mining FAQ


What is Data Mining?

Data mining discovers patterns in your business data to help you make better decisions by predicting likely outcomes or creation of actionable insights.

How to Get Started with Data Mining?

Start with a project that is important but not critical. Focus on the data you have and build different models to test outcomes. Do not wait for perfect data or you will not get started.

What are Common Data Mining Tools?

RapidMiner, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio, R, Python are common tools for Data Mining.

Calculate Customer Churn ROI

Decrease the number of customers that churn from your company by learning the leading drivers of churn based on a data mining solution. To learn how much a customer churn model can increase your revenue use the calculator below.

Calculate Cross Sell ROI

Maximize your marketing spend by sending your campaigns to the customers most likely to accept your offer using data mining. To see the impact of a cross sell campaign use the calculator below.

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