Customer Segmentation Quick Start Packages

Leverage Analytics to Create Customer Segmentation Analytics

You know your management team is frustrated by their ability to make data driven decisions based on data science and predictive analytics. They want better insights on their customers.  Leverage data points like age, gender, income, products purchased using a combination of your data and external datasets.  Looking for insights into recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM)?  Using data science we can help you uncover patterns in your customers to deliver real customer insights.

We can discover better insights on your customers with our customer segmentation quick start to enable better targeting and product offers.

Our fixed fee quick start package is designed to get you customer segmentation in as little as 10 days.

Here are few examples of how you can leverage customer analytics

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation Quick Start

5 Day or 10 Day Packages

  • See where you customers live by mapping their addresses
  • Combine with Census Demographics
  • See which customers are purchasing your products
  • Understand which products are purchased together
  • Uncover your next best product to offer your customers
  • Create customer segments using advanced algorithms
  • Answer how do we get started with Data Science
CDO Advisors Data Science

Text Mining call center notes to understand customer needs

Use Sentiment Analysis to learn positive and negative trends in your business

What words are trending and what can you do improve business operations?

Group text mining outcomes against claims or products to learn more about your products

Incorporate Text Mining Analytics into your company dashboards


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Calculate Customer Churn ROI

Decrease the number of customers that churn from your company by learning the leading drivers of churn. To learn how much a customer churn model can increase your revenue use the calculator below.

Calculate Cross Sell ROI

Maximize your marketing spend by sending your campaigns to the customers most likely to accept your offer. To see the impact of a cross sell campaign use the calculator below.