Health Informatics What You Should Know

What is Health Informatics? When you search the internet for health informatics the first few pages of results are mostly college programs.  These do a good job explaining their programs and what you might do after graduation with healthcare data.  However, they explore what it's like to work in the field and the variety of data and questions you will cover.  I've been doing reporting and data analytic projects for over 20 years.  I've worked specifically in healthcare analytics for over 10 years and often get asked what is the difference between working in healthcare and other industries.  The answer is the data and regulations around the data. Health informatics is what business intelligence is to non-healthcare companies.  Depending upon what type of business your healthcare company is such as provider, payer, hospital, etc.  How you use data and your goals can vary based upon your business objectives.  Data [...]

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Getting Started with Power BI for Healthcare Analytics

Get Started Using Power BI for Healthcare Analytics Do you currently rely on ad-hoc queries and Excel for your healthcare analytics data?  Is your team spending more time trying to find the data you need instead of performing analysis on your data?  Are you using VLookups to try to mash up your data from different systems?  If so, stop wasting time data wrangling and implement a modern data analytic solution like Power BI for healthcare analytics. Transform how you leverage your data and get more value with self-service reporting. Create interactive visualizations to see trends, patterns and outliers in your healthcare data Decrease cost, increase revenue, and improve service by gaining better insights into your data Integrate data from various applications into consolidated reports to deliver better insights Enable self-service reporting by automating data refreshes and keep your reports up to date Gain new insights from your data [...]

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