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Trend Analysis with Power BI using MLB Data

Trend Analysis with Power BI Businesses use trend analysis to help improve your business operations.  This is done by monitoring data to identifying areas where your business is performing well so you can duplicate success.  As well as determine areas in your business that is under performing.  One way to improve operations is through trend analysis with Power BI reports and dashboards. Unlock you data's hidden secrets by building powerful visualizations that let you quickly spot trend and patterns.  Using Power BI you can easily connect to data and then build reports with interactive visualizations. Examples for Trend Analysis All businesses can use trend analysis to gain insights into their business.  Common examples include: Call Center Volumes Sales by Customer Expenses by Category Revenue by Product or Service Claim Volume Oil Production Manufacturing CRM Data ERP Data Learn more about Trend Analysis Trend Analysis with Power [...]

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Visualize Baltimore Crime Reports with Power BI

Use Power BI to Visualize Baltimore Crime Reports Using Power BI to Visualize Baltimore Crime Reports With Power BI you can take raw data and quickly transform it into easy to use visualizations.  For this example, I will be using data from the Baltimore police crime reports public dataset that has data points back to 1963.  However, most of the data really starts in 2014.  I wanted to see what I could build from the dataset and spent a few hours pulling together the data and then building reports that enable me to see various trends about Baltimore crime reports. Here is a sample of the Baltimore Crime Reports available for download.  As you can see it is difficult to spot trends and outliers in this format.  If you are looking to visualize your crime report data, please contact us for assistance. [...]

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Attending Microsoft Business Application Summit

I will be in Atlanta for the Microsoft Business Application Summit.  I hoping to get more information on Power BI and how others are leveraging Power BI along with Power Apps.  This should be a great opportunity to meet people and get ideas on best practices and out of the box solutions for data visualizations. If you are interested in meeting please let me know. Microsoft BA Conference

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Speaking at the Global Predictive Analytics Conference

Implementing Predictive Analytics into Operational Workflows I will be presenting on April 3rd 2018 in Santa Clara, CA at the Global Predictive Analytics Conference.  My session focuses on how to build predictive analytics and integrate the model into your business.  I will examine two use cases: Customer Churn and Cross Selling and demonstrate the process to build the model from start to finish.  Where and how to engage with business teams to ensure the success of the project.  In addition, I will show how pilot projects build collaboration between the data science teams and business units to ensure both teams understand what is required for successful projects. For complete information on the conference - Predictive Analytics Conference Homepage

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