5 Keys to Get Employees Using Your Dashboards

Get Employees Using Your Dashboards I frequently work with companies that have existing reports and dashboards in place from legacy platforms.  Often I hear that they invested in the product and built a solution and then were unhappy with the adoption by their employees.  This is more common than it should be and has left a bad perception of data reporting platforms in the minds of many executives.  Working with a variety of companies has allowed me to see what does work to increase user adoption and increase the usage of an modern enterprise data and reporting platform.  There are five keys to a new reporting platform initiative that has lead to successful solutions. Management Use of the Dashboards The highest levels of management and the business sponsor must use the solution.  They need to use it as much as possible and let others see them using it.  This could [...]

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Overview of CRISP-DM to Improve Business Decisions

CRISP-DM Mr. Derek Wilson published an article on CIO Review that explores how to leverage the Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining CRISP-DM.  In this article, Leveraging JMP to Impove Business Decisions  he discusses how using the CRISP-DM process can help you create more value from your data and analytics initiatives.  

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