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CDO Advisors offer custom business intelligence solutions built around the Microsoft Power BI and SQL Server platforms.

Looking to get new insights into your data by creating or enhancing a business intelligence solution.  We leverage Microsoft SQL Server to design and deliver a modern enterprise reporting solution.  We start by understanding your goal and then select and transform the required data to enable fast reporting queries.  Then by leveraging Microsoft’s Power BI we can deliver the reports and dashboards via web, mobile or custom applications.

We were named one of the top Business Intelligence Solution Provider’s by CIO Review.

2018 CIO Review Business Intelligence Solution Provider

We can extend your business intelligence solution with advanced predictive analytics solution – Predictive Analytics

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Want to build Executive Dashboards for your organization – Executive Dashboards with Power BI

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Power BI Capital Project Report
Sample Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business Intelligence FAQ


What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) is the process of collecting, organizing, analyzing and presenting data to make data driven decisions.

How do I get started with Business Intelligence?

Start with core data and build a solution that enables you to get better automated information on a modern data platform. Focus on reducing manual reporting processes and streamlining reporting.

What software do I need for Business Intelligence?

Data Visualization, Database Platform, Data Integration software


Data Warehouse

Power BI

Data Integration


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