Business Data Dashboards Definition and Examples

Data Dashboards Definitions and Examples to Improve your Business Operations

Every business generates and stores data from internal and external sources.  The challenge is how to store, organize and leverage the data to improve your business.  Data dashboards remove complexity and enable your team to focus on the critical data they need to run their business unit or team.

What is a Data Dashboard?

Data Dashboards consolidate and provide a centralized location for everyone to interact with your enterprise data. A single dashboards is  created for a specific business area to monitor, analyze and track metrics daily and see trends over time.  These individual dashboards are then combined into a common online platform like Microsoft Power BI.  Letting you login in and see all your data in one location.  Visualizing your data makes it easier to spot trends, outliers or anomalies in the data. The human brain is great a interpreting visual data quickly making interactive visualizations better to decision making than looking at a large data grid like Excel.

Unlike traditional reports that focus on creating lists or pivot table output.  Dashboards are designed to pull data from across the enterprise into a single easy to read and use format.  Data dashboards often show critical metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as current and historical trends to show performance overtime.  Because the data they need to see is in a central location, users can focus on the data and improving operations instead of trying to find the reports and data they need.

How Businesses Can Leverage a Data Dashboard?

How do you use a data dashboard to improve your operations?  Once the data is organized into an online dashboard fit for purpose.  The dashboard allows for automated refreshes of data, alerting that can send emails with business conditions are meet, and a common look at the business metrics and KPIs.

The interactive visualizations allow for self-service BI that anyone can use.  No longer do you need to write more code or update queries to group data differently or filter the data.  Users can do this themselves with simple point and click interactions that allow them to filter, drill into data or drill across to new dashboard reports.

Power BI Capital Dashboard

Data Dashboard Example

Data Dashboards Examples and Ideas

Knowing what a dashboard is and how they can be used.  It’s beneficial to see different types of dashboards and how they can be used inside organizations to increase data literacy and reduce time to action.  Dashboards can be created by vertical or business function and can be beneficial for any industry.

Executive Dashboard

Executives require data from all levels of the enterprise.  There are three common dashboards that can be built operational, strategic, and tactical.  Each with there own unique level of detail to ensure everyone has the right information to make the best decisions possible.  Executive or management dashboards typically consolidate critical metrics or KPIs from all departments to present an easy to read company perspective of performance.

Finance Dashboard

Organizations that leverage Power BI to implement executive CFO dashboards can gain the following business insights.

  • Access data from across the enterprise to create a on stop shop for dashboards and reports
  • Gain deeper insights into your data through drill downs and trend analysis
  • Securely create and deploy mobile reporting or tablets or phones
  • Dashboards that highlight KPIs and critical data
  • Quickly identify the best and worst performing sales, customers or products
  • Data integration can be done within Power BI without requiring a data warehouse build

Sales Analysis Dashboard

Organize your data and visual your sales metrics in a single online Power BI Sales dashboard.  Combine data from your CRM, Billing or other systems to spot trends and patterns in your sales pipeline and customer base.  Insights can be shared by using a sales management dashboard to enable self-service reporting so all your team can quickly see current sales versus target data.  Track variances and keep up to date on where you are missing or exceeding your sales goals.

Healthcare Payer Dashboard

Healthcare insurance dashboards focus on the claims of their member and the payments that are being made.  Organize your data from across the company to better understand your member information, provider performance and claims experience.

Healthcare Claims KPIs and Dashboard

  • Claim Denial Rate
  • Average Claim Amt
  • Average Time to Pay Claims
  • Average Cost per Procedure

Healthcare Provider Dashboard

Healthcare provider can utilize a dashboard to monitor their population health and keep track of the sickest patients as well as monitor HEDIS metrics and well care visits.

Healthcare Operations KPIs and Dashboard

  • FTE to Member Ratio
  • Cost per Claim Processing
  • Average Patient Wait Time
  • Bed Occupancy Rate
  • Average Hospital Stay
  • Average Length of Stay

Data Quality Dashboard

Clean up your data assets quickly and efficiently by having data quality Power BI dashboards and interactive reports.  If you are struggling with data issues or master data management.  Having fully automated Power BI reports that quickly identify data quality issues.  Enables your team to clean and maintain critical business data.  Drive better decisions and empower your team.

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