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I am currently in college and will be attending the University of Houston in the fall of 2020. I focus on Power BI related initiatives with CDO Advisors. In addition to writing blog posts, I perform inside sales to help identify customers and accounts that can use our consulting and training expertise.

How to Model Power BI Covid 19 Data

How to Model Covid-19 Data using Power BI This is the second in my series on helping you turn the Covid data on GitHub into information.  In this post, I show you step by step on how to model Power BI Covid data using Power BI, Power Query and DAX formulas.  If you are new to Power BI or just interested in how to use Power BI to build your own Covid report this guide was designed for you. Learn More - Power BI Training Learn More - Power BI Consulting Learn More  - Microsoft Power BI Follow our YouTube Channel Getting up to Speed - Model Power BI Covid In the last guide (link below) we took GitHub data and transformed it into a model showing the cumulative Covid-19 cases. In today's guide we will be enhancing the model to make it [...]

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Build Power BI Covid Reports from GitHub Data

A Step by Step Guide to Build Power BI Covid Data Reports from GitHub Covid-19 is top of mind and getting to the data can be easy if you know how.  Currently, there is a GitHub project that is collecting data around Covid-19.  In this step by step guide, I show you how to use Microsoft Power BI and the Web Connector to access the time-series data.  The same process can be used for any GitHub repository if you have the proper URL.  Follow the steps below or watch my video to see exactly what you need to do for access to this dataset.  By the end of the guide you can build a Power BI Covid report from the GitHub data. Many are familiar with the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus online tool.  Learning these skills you can make your own and use it on future projects that don’t involve this pandemic. Learn More - Power BI Training Learn More - [...]

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