Learn Power BI Book Easily in 4 Hours or Less

Learn Power BI Book Easily in 4 Hours or Less

Are you ready to get started with Power BI?  Do you want to learn the basics in less than 4 hours with easy-to-follow instructions? 

Available now is my Learn Power BI Book on Amazon.  I wrote this book after delivering training sessions to many clients.  Training works better if everyone shows up with the same basic level of knowledge. 

Pick up a copy today and if you want more in-depth training, please let me know.

Available for purchase now on Amazon is an updated version of my book to learn Power BI.

Updated for the February 2022 Power BI Release

Learn how to use Microsoft Power BI by following along with step-by-step lessons. This learn Power BI book was designed to get you the skills you need to start importing data and building reports in Power BI Desktop. No experience is necessary, all of the steps are detailed and come with screenshots so you know exactly what to do. No wasting time on trying to figure it out. This book gets you up to speed in less than 4 hours on the basics of Power BI Desktop. Who should read this book? If you are interested in data visualization, data storytelling, and improving your business with data.

This book is designed for people that want to solve business problems with data and need a quick guide to get them started without the fluff. If you have plenty of data and are stuck with Excel charts and Pivot Tables. Then give yourself a new skill and learn a leader in data visualization Microsoft Power BI. You will find this book gives you all of the core knowledge you need to create, modify and publish Power BI reports that enable self-service analytics and dashboards.

Why you should select this book?
For the price of 2 name-brand coffees, you can learn everything you need to get started building reports in Power BI Desktop. It also provides an overview of the Power BI ecosystem so you can make a better decision to determine if implementing Microsoft Power BI is the right data visualization solution for your company. The examples provide a quick background on the topic and provide step-by-step instructions with images to make sure you can get started with Power BI quickly. From start to finish this book should take you 2 to 4 hours to complete while learning critical skills required to build and modify Power BI Reports on your own.

Business leaders struggle to have the data they need readily available in an easy-to-use dashboard. At CDO Advisors, we’ll build you amazing Power BI Dashboards at a low monthly cost. So you can make decisions when you need them without having to ask someone to pull data or send you a report.

Order your copy now of Learn Power BI Book (2022 edition).

Learn Power BI (2022)