Why Power BI Healthcare Dashboards Improve Operations

Unlock Your Data with Power BI Healthcare Dashboards

Healthcare organizations have a variety of data from both internal and external sources.  Using a Power BI healthcare dashboard can reduce complexity in using your data and enable self-service analytics.  Merge data from across your enterprise and gain new insights like never before.  Visualizing your data enables everyone to spot trends, outliers or issues in your operations.

Power BI Dashboards can be created quickly and automate data refreshes to reduce manual reporting.  Common uses are to automate data extracts from financial systems, import data from curated Excel files, claims or EHR systems.  If your can access your data, you could visualize it in a Power BI healthcare dashboard.  Merge data, clean it quickly and improve your operations.  No longer do you need to email your files to everyone.  Publish your reports and dashboards online in a secure environment that can be accessed from a computer or mobile device.  Can you currently get your daily KPIs on your phone?  If not, you are behind your competition.

Combine Data in a Power BI Healthcare Dashboard

Common use cases for healthcare dashboards include pulling system data, external data and internal manual data.  If you are patient focused merging data from EHRs, payments and clinical systems can create a 360-degree patient view.  For payer, merging data from claims, clinical notes or 3rd party data processing enable a 360-degree member view.  Create different online Application containers for areas such as Members, Finance, Claims, Utilization Management, Marketing or Call Center.  This makes it easy for users to find the data they need and actually empowers everyone to see the same data to make better decisions.

Stop wasting time looking for data and then applying macros or merging data to get to what you really need.  Online Power BI Healthcare Dashboards are built on automated processes that do the ETL work before you need the data.  Spend your time interpreting data and improving your business, instead of struggling to find it.

Increase Reporting and Data Efficiency

Healthcare Analysts struggle with quickly finding, analyzing and providing the data requested to their users.  They are constantly being asked to find, merge, and produce both ad-hoc and standardized reporting.  While not all requests can be turned into a online automated dashboard.  Many of the common questions that healthcare organizations have can be produced and shared via online reporting and dashboards.  Once the data is setup as an automated process your business team can access it without needed to enter a ticket or email the team to ask for data.  Likewise, automation frees up your healthcare analysts to spend their time on higher level tasks of interpreting the data and not focused on finding and wrangling the proper data.

 Example Provider Metrics and Healthcare KPIs

  • Costs by Payer
  • ER Wait Time
  • Re-Admission Rate
  • Treatment Costs
  • Average Length of Stay
  • Account Receivable

Example Payer Metrics and Healthcare KPIs

  • Costs by Member
  • Re-Admission Rate
  • Provider Quality
  • Potentially Preventable Visits (PPVs)
  • High ER Utilizers
  • Medical Loss Ratio

At CDO Advisors we know you are the kind of people who want to allow your team to make business decisions based on clear data insights.  In order to be that way, you need online dashboards that enable data drive decisions.  The problem is your team doesn’t have the time and expertise to quickly build analytic dashboards, which makes you feel frustrated.  We believe everyone should have access to high quality automated dashboards that drive data insights and are available anywhere.

We understand the challenges leaders face transforming how they visualize and use their data.  That’s why we created the CDO Advantage where we build you amazing dashboards at an affordable price.  Here’s how it works we build you a custom online dashboard in 4 weeks or less.  Step 1 you provide us a data, Step 2 we design and deliver dashboards, Step 3 we publish the dashboards and setup automated refreshes.  Call us today,  so you can stop wasting time asking others for information and start actively monitoring and acting on critical metrics.

Power BI Healthcare Dashboard Metrics

The example above shows how over 1 million rows of claims data can be turned into an online analytics dashboard.  Dashboards are fully interactive and allow you to click on any visual and filter for that metric.

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