Trend Analysis with Power BI

Businesses use trend analysis to help improve your business operations.  This is done by monitoring data to identifying areas where your business is performing well so you can duplicate success.  As well as determine areas in your business that is under performing.  One way to improve operations is through trend analysis with Power BI reports and dashboards.

Unlock you data’s hidden secrets by building powerful visualizations that let you quickly spot trend and patterns.  Using Power BI you can easily connect to data and then build reports with interactive visualizations.

Examples for Trend Analysis

All businesses can use trend analysis to gain insights into their business.  Common examples include:

  • Call Center Volumes
  • Sales by Customer
  • Expenses by Category
  • Revenue by Product or Service
  • Claim Volume
  • Oil Production
  • Manufacturing
  • CRM Data
  • ERP Data

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Trend Analysis with Power BI Example

This report shows total wins by all MLB teams from 1995 to 2019.  Wins are shows by league and division.  The data is show as an Excel data table in the example shown.  From looking at the table can you tell the win or loss pct over all of the seasons?  Can you determine the trends over time for clubs that have winning records or losing streaks?  Converting this data to a Power BI report enables you to visually see what is in the data.

Trend Analysis with Power BI CDO Advisors

Spot Trends with Power BI

Converting the data to visuals such as bar or line charts enables you to see the trends.  I this report I built a line chart to show the win percentage by divisions from 1995 to 2019.  I also created a line chart that shows the win percentage by AL or NL teams.  In addition, the total win percentage for all teams is a line chart that has an embedded Power BI Trend Line.  This line automatically plots the trend and is responsive to recalculate based on the other data selected.

CDO Advisors Trend Analysis MLB

Example of Trend Analysis with Power BI

Watch my short video to see how I transformed Excel data into a source data feed for Power BI.  Then created a report with 3 tabs to understand the win percentages and number of games won by MLB team.  The same process can be done on your data with our CDO Advantage solution.

At CDO Advisors we know you are the kind of people who want to allow your team to make business decisions based on clear data insights.  In order to be that way, you need online dashboards that enable data drive decisions.  The problem is your team doesn’t have the time and expertise to quickly build analytic dashboards, which makes you feel frustrated.  We believe everyone should have access to high quality automated dashboards that drive data insights and are available anywhere.

We understand the challenges leaders face transforming how they visualize and use their data.  That’s why we created the CDO Advantage where we build you amazing dashboards at an affordable price.  Here’s how it works we build you a custom online dashboard in 4 weeks or less.  Step 1 you provide us a data, Step 2 we design and deliver dashboards, Step 3 we publish the dashboards and setup automated refreshes.  Call us today,  so you can stop wasting time asking others for information and start actively monitoring and acting on critical metrics.