Power BI Training Videos on YouTube

Power BI Training Videos

Check out our YouTube page to see our Power BI Training videos.  If you have specific topics that you would like to see please let me know.  I will be added new content as features roll out.

I have created a YouTube playlist for Power BI that shows you step by step how to create a Power BI report.  This is a great way for people to learn how to build a report using a Power BI sample to follow along with.  Each video is short around 2 minutes.  Watch the segments you need, skip the ones you don’t.

Build a Power BI Sample Report

In this video I show what is possible with Power BI by reviewing a sample Power BI report built using Excel data.  This is the final version of the report that you can build by following my Power BI example videos in a step by step format.

Watch the overview video – Power BI Training Build a Sales Dashboard Overview

Import Data With Power BI example

In this video I show you how to import data from Excel into Power BI to begin building the sample report.

Watch –  Segment 1 – Import Data

Power Query Basics in Power BI

Learn how to use Power Query to manipulate and modify your data inside Power BI.  I show you the basics that will get you started and on your way to understanding how Power Query works.

Watch – Segment 2 – Power Query Basics

Modeling Data Types in Power BI

In this example, I show you how to change your data to the proper format for columns that require updates after you import your data from Excel or any other source data.

Watch – Segment 3 – Modeling Data Types

Add a Column in Power BI with DAX

Do you want to learn DAX and add new columns to your models?  Not sure what DAX is or how to even use it?  This video shows you how to add a new column inside your model to create a new column that makes your report easier to use.

Watch – Segment 4 – Add a Column with DAX

Add a Measure in Power BI with DAX

Now that you have added a column with DAX.  Learn how to create a new measure in DAX.  This video shows you the steps and formula to add a new measure inside your Power BI report.

Watch – Segment 5 – Add a Measure with DAX

Add a Date Table in Power BI with DAX

Watch this Power BI sample video to see how to add several DAX formulas to create a Date dimension in your Power BI model.  All of the sample code is found in the video description.

Watch – Segment 6 – Add a Date Table using DAX

Create Relationships in Power BI between Tables

In order for your report to function properly when you interact with the visuals or use filters.  you need to have the proper relationships between tables established.  This requires having well formed key columns and enabling the relationship.  This short video shows you an example in Power BI.

Watch – Segment 7 – Create a Relationship between tables

See our samples in our Power BI Gallery

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