Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft has extended Power BI by added PowerApps and Flow under the umbrella of the Microsoft Power Platform.  These apps are designed to work together.  And allow you to quickly and easily build custom app and reports that utilize automated workflows.

Business leverage the Power Platform to create applications that support processes.  That would otherwise not be captured or captured using something like an Excel spreadsheet.  No longer do you need to find and build an off the shelf solution.  Now you can quickly spin up a solution that solves your problem without needed to know how to code.

Microsoft PowerApps enable us build solutions with a point and click design platform.  There are templates to get you started or design your solution from a blank canvas.  Leveraging Microsoft Flow you can connect your PowerApp to common Microsoft data such as Excel or SQL.  In addition, you connect to almost any other common data framework in the market.

If you are a Power BI developer and have not looked into PowerApps or Flow please take a look.  These 3 components together are the future for Microsoft’s BI and Analytics solution.

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