Visualize Financial Data with Power BI

CFO’s require data from across the enterprise to ensure they can make the best financial decisions for the organization.  Having your data stored in disparate enterprise application systems.  Presenting a consolidated view of a companies data is more difficult than ever.  Creating an executive CFO dashboard with Power BI can quickly pull together data and create a comprehension dashboard.  Start with your easily identified data such as Excel files to begin your journey.  Then connect Power BI to these files to create CFO dashboards that can be accessed from your PC, tablet or mobile device.

Current CFO Data Challenges

  • Getting a daily, weekly or monthly view of data is time consuming and highly manual
  • Frustrated by limited ability to monitor and measure business performance
  • Consolidated view of CFO KPI Dashboard metrics
  • Limited ability to accurately forecast sales or budget
  • Access to insight into all aspects of business operations is difficult due to disparate systems

Power BI Dashboard Solutions

Organizations that leverage Power BI to implement executive CFO dashboards can gain the following business insights.

  • Access data from across the enterprise to create a on stop shop for dashboards and reports
  • Gain deeper insights into your data through drill downs and trend analysis
  • Securely create and deploy mobile reporting or tablets or phones
  • Dashboards that highlight KPIs and critical data
  • Quickly identify the best and worst performing sales, customers or products
  • Data integration can be done within Power BI without requiring a data warehouse build

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Executive CFO Dashboard Components

CFO dashboards with Power BI typically include the following key reporting areas.

  • Cash Flow
  • Orders
  • Order to Cash
  • Opportunities to Sales
  • AR Aging
  • Inventory
  • CapEX and OpEx
  • Profit and Loss
  • Operations
  • HR

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