What is an executive dashboard?

Executives need the ability to see data from different areas of the business.  Organizing this data into easy to use visualizations enables you to determine trends and discover insights.  In addition, you can create mashups that pull data from different sources into a single dashboard view.  An executive dashboard with Power BI help you visualize your data and enables your employees to make better data driven decisions.  Unlock your data from databases and Excel spreadsheets being shown only in large grids.  Interactive reports and dashboards can be designed specifically for each of your CXOs.  For instance, a CDO dashboard can pull together information on the quality of the data around your company.

Dashboard Benefits

Businesses that leverage dashboards gain more value from their data by enabling more employees to view data in an easy to use format.  No longer do you need to export data to Excel and create pivot tables and charts and then email those around the office.  Dashboards created and deployed on PowerBI.com.  Enable users to access data through a browser and securely through their tablet or smartphone using the Power BI app.

The goal of all executive dashboards are to visually present the most relevant data to the target audience.  By using various graphs and charts you create a variety of visualizations to highlight Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics and critical business data.  This includes being able to track and monitor trends on business metrics.  Dashboards can be created from a variety of data sources and present a consolidated view of your business.

Types of Executive Dashboard with Power BI

The following are executive dashboard examples that consolidate data from across your organization.  Organize and display your data in a single online secure location and access it anywhere with the Power BI App.  Monitor your critical metrics and KPIs and spot trends and issues quickly to make corrections before it’s too late to make a change.

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Here is a great article on why executives needs dashboards.  It’s a short 4 minute read.  If you are looking to have a power bi executive dashboard deployed for you team.  Make sure you read this.

Executive Dashboard

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Executive Dashboard Examples

Executive Dashboard Example CDO Advisors
Executive Dashboard Example CDO Advisors
Executive Dashboard Example Mobile Device