Primed-AP (Analytic Process)

What is the Primed-AP Methodology?

CDO Advisors has launched Primed Analytics Process Homepage to publish content related to our newly published Analytic Process.  The Primed-AP © process was created based on years of experience working with business users to implement predictive analytics.  Existing methodologies focus on the data science tasks but do not include the required tasks for business users.  In order to have a successful project everyone involved needs to understand the roles and responsibilities of the entire process.  Some phases of the process require collaboration between the business and data scientist.  While other phases require more time from the data scientist.  The following section outlines the phases and highlights the responsibilities for the project team.

primed-ap methodology 

Full details will be available on the website that describe each step in the process along with typical tasks for business users and data scientists.  This process will enable you to get more value from your analytic projects by enabling the business team to better understand their role in a successful project.  Likewise, the data scientist will know how to interact with the business team and know how the project will be leveraged in business operations.

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