Creating a 360 Degree Customer View

Businesses today have a wealth of data and limited information and knowledge.  Unless you are using a single application to run your business, you will need to integrate your data to achieve data driven insights. Gaining knowledge about your customers and all of their interactions can enable you to outperform you competition.  A 360 degree customer view pulls relevant information from all of your data sources into a single repository that gives you easy and quick access about your customers.  Leverage Power BI to better understand your customer and their behaviors.

360 degree Customer view

How can a 360 Degree Customer View increase revenue?

  • Customized Customer Segementation
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns
  • Loyalty Reward Cards
  • Create Next Best Offer Programs
  • Anticipate Customer Issues before they arise

Potential Data Sources for a 360 Degree Customer View

  • ERP Systems
  • CRM Applications
  • Transaction Systems
  • Billing Systems
  • Call Center Tracking
  • Social Media
  • Survey  Responses

Considerations for building a 360 Degree Customer View

  • What systems contain your customer data?
  • Is there a common key that enables merging the data between systems?
    • If not, what process will you use to create the enterprise business key?
  • What data is critical to know about the customer?
  • What will you do with the data once collected?
  • How can you leverage existing applications with this view?

Building a 360 degree view of a customer requires a commitment from the business that they want to better understand their customers.  Designing and implementing the system will take time, however, you can build the solution in phases that enable you start gaining benefits in months instead of years.   Contact Us to learn how we can help.


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