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Using Power BI to Visualize Houston Crime Stats

Houston Crime Data The city of Houston provides high level details on crime statistics via Excel files on the police website.  These statistics are stored in monthly files available via Excel or Access.  In order to better understand the crime data I created a single Excel file that stored the data from August 2016 to December 2016.  The data is formatted as shown.  I wanted to see what type of information I could learn by using Power BI to Visualize the data. Using Power BI to Visualize the Data Connect to the data in Power BI directly to the Excel file.  To explore summary information build simple data grids that expose the total number of records grouped by hour and date totalling 53,614 offenses.   You should expect to see 24 values for the Hour column and only records from August to December 2016.  By reviewing the data, the hour data [...]

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Increase Data Value with Master Data Management

Master Data Management and Data Value Master Data Management (MDM) is a system that enables business critical core data to be entered and maintained through a central application.  Security and tracking of the data value changes are built into the process and allows tracking the history of values.  Data that is vetted and approved can then be used in the enterprise by other applications.  For instance, you can create a master data set for products.  Each product would have a unique identifier and be a single view of the product. When a new product is created or an existing product is updated the updates go into the MDM application.  Once the data is approved, the information is then available to be sent back to the source applications.  The applications can then leverage the data and you have a cleaner more accurate view of products. Sample Master Data Management Flow  Example [...]

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